God’s Team Always Wins

I’ve talked enough about globalists, but you should keep in mind that they are yet another layer on top of something far worse. Globalist idolatry is still in some ways a front, and behind that is the Cult.

Let me share something to encourage you: I wrote about these forces, sometimes using other labels, quite some time ago. I used different labels because I simply didn’t have the facts in my brain. What I had were the impressions of moral truth in my heart, speaking to my mind with its limited facts. I want you to understand how the heart-led way can work. You can gain impressions of things your mind cannot understand, but if you are faithful in how you handle those convictions, God will prosper your knowledge to match.

I’ve tried to help you understand that the Cult is a parable, an avatar for a demonic force working among elite folks who believe they run this world. I’ve also connected that avatar to things that are easier to see. Globalism is a doctrine of how the Cult wants to rule; it’s not a fundamental truth for them. Dragging people into sin is the fundamental truth. Pushing people into a corner where they are forced to compromise morally, or lose their job, social status, career or life — that’s what they do. It’s fair to call them Satanists in a certain sense, and a great many of them do belong to some wacko religious stuff, but don’t get lost in the precise meaning of the terms.

Here’s an example: Some of you may be old enough to remember that big scare in the 1980s about Satanists kidnapping children. I’ve debunked it before, but I want you to understand something — children were being kidnapped by people we could call Satanists, but the scary stories were carefully constructed to avoid the facts. The whole thing was a cover job on something that had already begun to leak. So it was made ridiculous to distract the public and particularly the police, but it was all a big PsyOp to cover a very real problem that still plagues us today. The child victims are only sometimes kids someone would miss. Most of them are never reported missing because they had no protection in the first place. But even more of these kids were simply orphans or others under some kind of institutional guardianship. And it’s still going on today.

Hollywood is a direct reflection of how the Cult operates. All the salacious gossip you hear about immorality in the movie industry? It’s worse than the gossip. Virtually everyone in Hollywood, down to the nobodies who do makeup and costumes, are morally compromised — degrading sex, drugs, bribery, murder, etc. Don’t push this into established false imagery; keep it concrete. You cannot work in Hollywood without engaging in some form of perversion. It’s typically something even worse than the proverbial “casting couch.”

Granted, some of these people barely tolerate this crap and avoid it as much as possible, but they are stained and the bigshots keep track of this information to keep everyone in line. We call it blackmail. Only a few token “Christians” and “conservatives” escape to keep up the false image. Need I mention the obvious, that there is a huge amount of pedophilia mixed in this? Child molesters are probably a majority there. Hollywood is radically different from the world we live in. And the folks who run it are some of the nastiest Satanic creatures on the planet.

Naturally, this is tied in with TV, music, banking, the CIA, Mossad, MI6, and a whole host of commercial private intelligence companies, mercenary outfits, politicians of all parties, and God only knows what else. Don’t forget the huge religious organizations and a ton of non-profit activist organizations all sharing in the cash flow because they participate in the Satanic agenda. But that also includes private cyber companies who hack and crack, typically as contractors for governments.

Again, I was morally aware of this stuff in my heart long before I had facts to go with it. Every week some new factual reference allows me to put substance around the truth. But every movie you watch is almost guaranteed touched by this evil. Most commercially produced music (popular genres), almost all TV shows, all mainstream news (including local stations), a great many fiction books and comic books, children’s entertainment stuff — they are all produced by the nastiest perverted slime on the planet. Sodom and Gomorrah were squeaky clean by comparison.

It’s not that you can’t appreciate good art, but stop admiring these people. Listen to your heart. I can assure you that the longer I walk this path, the less I can tolerate certain forms of entertainment. Most of it seems insulting and just plain uncomfortable to engage. It feels like an attack, trying to drag me down into an awful place.

Now, here’s the good news: God is crushing this whole thing. I’m sure you are aware of that highly publicized “me-too” stuff where bigshots are accused of sexually inappropriate behavior and having to run and hide or try to make atonement? Some really big names have already gone down and more follow them every day. That was supposed to be a fake thing, too, with a few sacrificial goats, but one group of perverts put the knife in another group — a standard feature of the Cult — and it blew up in their faces. And even better, it has lit the fuse for the anti-pedo hysteria, and that hysteria is what will bring it all down. Gaping leaks have been torn open in the underbelly of Hollywood. It will be sloppy, but only because it’s so incomprehensibly large. The vigilante cyber troll army is enjoying this immensely. The only reason they have accomplished much at all is because the scum has virtually zero expertise on this stuff, and the trolls vastly outnumber the hired guns. They will be tomorrow’s heroes.

But that doesn’t mean some of the trolls haven’t suffered cyber attacks. I’ve already said plenty on this blog about some measures one could take to fend off those attacks. It will get worse, and I frankly worry about those who are stuck running Windows. Microsoft keeps back doors open for government agencies, but they are hardly the only folks who know about those back doors.

The bottom line, though, is that you trust in God and what He guides you to do. Prepare yourself to see Hollywood shredded and brought down. Such evil won’t be wiped from the earth ever, but the Lord does trim it back from time to time for His inscrutable plans. We are seeing a cataclysm in the making and blood will flow, but don’t fear. Anything God leads you into is well within the range of what you and He together can handle.

Addenda: Here is a very good source on Hollywood leaks in a single long article; this is a sort of Hollywood gossip site run by a Hollywood lawyer and it’s mostly accurate.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to God’s Team Always Wins

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    I knew what that second link was before I went there. I used to follow that blog but it got kinda overwhelming, so I rather just drop in here and there.

    I have this pet theory that Trump’s election is driving everyone nuts because he has dirt on so many damn people. I don’t think he’s actively or passively greasing the wheels of the anti-Hollwood war machine. He has no reason to clean up Hollywood, but these things just have a way of happening when a certain person is in power.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    You got that right. It’s a theory that is proven by the results of observation. On the moral level, he is the scourge of the Lord, so even his inaction has powerful effects. Trump does have dirt on a lot of these people, and they know it. Just the threat of his power alone is enough to provoke panic. But we also know there are thousands of trolls with nothing better to do than dox these people, and Trump’s public persona invokes a kind of enthusiasm for destruction that way. No, he doesn’t have to do anything about Hollywood because that pit of evil depends entirely too much on the few things he is attacking.


  3. Jay DiNitto says:

    I noticed on the Neon Revolt link that a 4chan poster had the same idea. Interesting.


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