Covenant Manhood 02

You have to understand that, when you walk a heart-led life in full faith, Creation itself knows who you are, and will welcome you with open arms wherever you go. Your obedience to Biblical Law literally changes reality. Perhaps most often in ways you cannot perceive in the flesh, but your heart knows that power is there.

And other people are going to perceive it on one level or another. Humans will ever remain a part of Creation. Their conscious awareness may never recognize their own hearts, but their hearts will surely know you represent the Creator. Don’t think of it as magic, as if you are escaping the boundaries of reality. Think of it as something subtle, where the molecules around you harmonize with the glory of God shining out of your soul. Creation looks forward to having you around; everything around you rejoices that you have crawled out of the pit of Satan’s lies. Spend enough time trying to sense that response and it will soon begin to register. It holds the potential for things you cannot imagine.

Be confident without the arrogance so natural to our flesh.

One of the primary effects of your presence is healing, of setting things right. This is not a question of what you are, but who you are. In most social settings, you may well be the only covenant soul there, the only divine royalty present. You represent the Creator. This is a duty impossible to bear without the divine power of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it simply does not take much on your part except a measure of humility and patience. But there will always be moments when a decisive response from you can accomplish miracles no human eye can see. All you really have to know is who you are in terms of what your mission and calling are.

Never, ever supplicate. Never raise hands of obeisance to another human. God alone holds that place. Since you never know when someone present may be another divine agent, we always give room for people to demonstrate who they are and what part they play. You also never know when your presence will help someone discover who they are. In most settings you will simply humor those present and play along as expected. But it always remains in your hands to halt your participation for whatever reason. The Holy Spirit will tell you through your conscience when you can’t play along, and will empower you to bear whatever consequences come from it.

Measure carefully what you give of yourself in any situation. Sometimes it’s everything, but most often not. The whole point is that you are the one who decides under the guidance of your convictions. You give anything and everything to His glory, but no human has the authority to decide for you what promotes God’s reputation in your life. Do not reciprocate; most people have no idea what is morally appropriate and so will follow a whole range of urges that recognize only human rewards and punishment. Others will make a nuisance of themselves for the same reason: They have no clue what is morally appropriate. Thus, they act on all sorts of impulses. Don’t be suckered by something that feels comfortable to your flesh, which includes emotions and intellect.

It is impossible for them to understand what is behind who you are. Thus, you should get used to being inscrutable to them. Let them assume whatever they like until the mission demands attempts to explain. Let them put labels on you that don’t fit. God in His time will change their impressions — or not, as He decides. Only those who walk the heart-led path will see you as anything less than an enigma. They will know you, though perhaps only on their own terms. Heart-led does not require faith in Christ, but a valid faith in Christ requires the heart-led way. Either way, it is virtually impossible to be someone’s best friend, as if they have some claim on you. Don’t let people chain you that way.

Apologize sincerely when it’s appropriate. Try to make amends and heal what they will let you heal. This is a critical part of who you are; all of us are called to heal the breaks in cosmic moral reality. We are never so complete and mature that we will would get everything right. But don’t apologize when it’s not appropriate. Be aware of the social protocols to which those around you adhere, but never bind yourself to them. Sometimes God will demand of you things you cannot possibly explain, so get used to hostility in all its varied forms.

Never put any human on a pedestal. Let them earn your trust, and be for them by far the most trustworthy, but do that under God’s command. Never take off on your own reckoning of such things. In another sense, you don’t even trust yourself, so always be cynical about appearances.

By the same token, never fear your own weaknesses. What most people take for a weakness is typically a misunderstood talent from God. Almost every human capability has a light and dark side; learn to recognize the unfortunate or unpleasant truths of what God has placed in your life. His glory is strongest in our weaknesses. In that sense, be perversely proud of them. He can change them at His whim. Learn to discern when a weakness if truly your own fault, and when it’s something you cannot change without His power. Be confident and proud that He has chosen you as you are, and make room for Him to change things. Never give other people that power.

Don’t make plans and goals regarding social interactions. Be who you are and allow others to decide whether they want to befriend you. Discern them and accept what they offer on their own terms; offer back what seems appropriate by your convictions. Most of your friends will come and go as they feel led. A few will be drawn on longer and stronger terms. Get used to that and enjoy what comes; rejoice in the Lord as He works in your life through other people. Yet always keep an eye on how this works along with your mission from God. Sometimes you are there to make a splash, and other times you’ll quietly infiltrate. Do what comes natural with your calling; shift with the move of the Spirit in the moment.

Live in the moment. This world is doomed and God could decree the End at any moment. There is a balance between committing resources and being tentative. Your convictions are your sole guide on this. All of Creation is just a tool for His glory; never be surprised when He’s ready to discard anything from your life. Meanwhile, in your social interactions, give freely what you won’t miss, and be more discerning about what God says He wants you to guard. Tomorrow could change everything. It’s not your plans or anyone else’s plans that matter; it’s divine glory that matters. Sometimes God alone understands what enhances His reputation, so be ready to play along with things you cannot and should not try to control.

While you can sometimes help people who lose control, never get entangled in their panic. By the same token, never stand on their assurances if you feel led somewhere else. Always be ready to stand alone. The pain of broken trust and friendship is real, and your mourning is not a sin. It’s about the same as people dying on you. Let them go, mourn the loss, and stay on mission. What God takes away He can easily replace with something better, and this particularly applies to people who aren’t heart-led like you. Yet, never cease trying to help them see the need to take that path. Their choice is always between them and God; it’s always above our authority.

There’s more of this to come.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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5 Responses to Covenant Manhood 02

  1. Paul says:

    Wow, Ed, right to the heart! Great post.


  2. 19maude56 says:

    I really enjoyed this post today. It spoke directly to me; right on time. Thanks and be blessed!!!


  3. This really spoke to me too. Wow, what a blessing.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Thanks, Sister.


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