The Fall of America 01

I sense the need to respond more broadly to some questions asked in private. Let me provide some context first as a sort of review.

The US is doomed.

America is under God’s wrath. Some of the cause for this is inscrutable to us, but we do know that part of it has to do with Western Civilization as a whole being inherently false. There are an awful lot of people wistfully defending the West and they are deeply deceived. Some of these people are very noisy on the Internet. They are wrong, and their writings and videos reflect a deep failure to understand how God does things and why. God built the Ancient Near East as the one best setting in which to reveal Himself. Satan built the West in direct opposition to God’s revelation. God permitted this, in part as a test case. The experiment is over; the West is doomed in general, and the US in particular.

America has so thoroughly violated God’s moral character that her doom has come. The core issue is the cultural orientation that excludes mysticism until it has first been perverted and turned into something that can only lie. Mysticism is built into God’s revelation; without mysticism, you do not know Christ. Christian Mysticism is defined as a direct encounter with God in Person, but on some level above mere intellect. Faith precedes any rational knowledge, and is structured in ways that often precludes reason. Faith is direct knowledge of God as a Person, and the commitment to follow Him with such conviction that we dare not trust our own capabilities. American culture inherently denies faith, making it little more than sentiment, and reduces the heart to a store of sentiment. Genuine faith is destroyed a priori before any discussion begins.

Thus, when Americans speak of “faith,” they start out with a false image, and it gets worse from there. So the character of American “faith” and religion is keeping a false front. The only remedy for sin is life from above breathed into our dead spirits, and then the Spirit in us connecting to the rest of our lives through that commitment and conviction. Sure, that changes the mind, but it is by no means a rational change. It is inherently non-rational. American culture reduces faith to a mere sentiment. Great efforts to make faith reasonable fail by draining away the very power of faith and placing the business of religion firmly in human hands. It’s no longer revelation from God, but something derived and perverted so that it fails to represent Christ. This is America.

On this basis, American religion has never been a reflection of genuine faith, but an attempt to put fig leaves on top of human sin. Thus, there has never been much moral virtue, even by the feeble definition of virtue that comes from rationalism. So for example, a great many “Wild West cowboys” were bisexual, a fact buried in hidden history. If you take the Bible seriously, you have to know this is not morally benign. It’s idolatry of sexual release. Most importantly, it destroys the very core of what Law Covenants sought to build. You cannot have divine justice and shalom when people worship their orgasms. Find God’s place for sexual activity and you are on track for His blessings. Otherwise, you are forging yet stronger bondage to sin and His curses.

And you cannot correct these things without the power of God working in your life. So what we have in place of genuine repentance is a fake cover to hide sin from ourselves. We all agree to pretend these things don’t happen; we agree to condemn them in public. Even then it is pretty shaky, but it’s been the very foundation of American society from the start. Thus, the whole American empire has always been wide open to the Devil’s exploitation. The revelation of God is inherently mystical and draws on the power of the Holy Spirit, resulting in a genuine power to obey and stay under God’s covering. Without that, you end up with fig leaves and you are driven out of the Garden to a place where Satan is your master. The term “east of Eden” is a figure of speech for this fallen realm of existence.

So it’s no surprise that a very openly Satanic religion has gained a foothold in the US. Indeed, it very nearly rules our whole country. Satan is quite happy with you believing anything that isn’t the truth, so Satanism takes all kinds of shapes with highly varying rituals, if any, but what matters most is that it keeps you from the truth. Only in a few cases do some Satanists openly call on his name, but the net result isn’t that different — they all obey him. Worst of all is that so very many are convinced they are obeying Christ. They don’t really know Christ, so they can’t tell the difference.

Genuine faith is out there, but it’s quite rare.

The doom on America is frankly not from lack of faith; it’s because faith is actively hindered. We know from the Bible that, in broad general ways, if only a few keep faith with Him, that’s okay — provided the culture, lifestyle and government still match the basic requirements. I’ve pounded that often enough: Biblical Law requires tribal social structure and eastern feudal government. Those are the absolute minimum standards. The modern secular state actively disables such an arrangement, so America has been giving God the dirty finger from the start. He cannot bless us. He has used America to accomplish a lot of wrath on other peoples, and now it’s our turn.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to The Fall of America 01

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “He has used America to accomplish a lot of wrath on other peoples, and now it’s our turn.”

    I imagine plenty of people trip over this: the idea that God has executors of judgment that somehow aren’t the good guys (as though there ever are any). We’re conditioned to think otherwise.


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