The Fall of America 02

We could spend years discussing what would be required to save America, but it won’t happen.

It would require at least a couple of generations just rooting out the false intellectual biases that come with a western epistemology. Then we would need another full generation of living in a wilderness experience under a fairly harsh application of Noah’s Law just to whittle down the resistance to basic minimum covenant faithfulness. Then maybe we could look at declaring a covenant nation.

Keep in mind that the Covenant of Noah arose after the whole human population of the world at that time was drowned. That would include at least several thousand “innocent” lives that God knew could not be redeemed for various reasons. And that Law Covenant didn’t work well for very long after starting with just eight survivors. Noah’s own son quickly returned to the sexual perversion of the now dead world he left behind. Further, the grand experiment of Israel ended in the covenant nation rejecting an even more explicit covenant and turning to serve Satan (Revelation 3:9). More about that later, but the point is a covenant nation is possible, but is downright improbable with the fallen human race.

So the US is doomed by virtue of the Law of Noah alone. It’s longevity up to now has been merely the convenience of God in His inscrutable plans. Time’s up; that usefulness has ended. The means to her end is tied up in a particular idolatry. The label I use for this idolatry is “globalism.”

Globalism was promoted a century ago in the US as a dream of efficiency, with the added bonus of what they claimed was a kind of shalom: safety, prosperity, health and peace. That was the sales pitch the elite used. Behind that lie was a long festering evil plan to restore the ancient Babylon of King Nimrod (Genesis 11). It goes back that far. Read between the lines of the Hebrew parabolic narrative: This was a global government binding all humanity under one religion. It was a religion aimed at harvesting and maximizing human capability as the means to ultimate redemption. If you research modern Satanism, it would be hard to tell the difference.

On the heels of unionist victory in the War between the States, the die was cast to enslave the whole nation to the goals of a revived Babylon. A group of globalist elites began implementing a series of plans to capture total control without any further armed conflict. They carefully infiltrated, hijacked and changed public education, organized religion, all means of public address (specifically publishing), and shifted all the assumptions behind what our government institutions did. When moving pictures were invented, they quickly seized control of that. In other words, they set about with full awareness what was necessary to so weaken what little moral fiber there was in the US as to make a more blatant takeover possible.

It’s not that America was ever very morally good, but that she was struggling to maintain a facade of goodness that led to a significant minority actually living pretty good moral lives, at least by their own post-Victorian sensibilities. The elite were seeking to remove that false cover by degrees to make the whole empire consciously evil. This was a genuine conspiracy to debase the people and weaken them for the eventual coup.

Folks, the whole single-minded purpose of Hollywood, TV, music industry and all other forms of entertainment is to drag us all down morally. Step by step, various social moral taboos have been nudged off stage until the public at large accepts lower and lower moral standards. This is the fundamental religious commitment of entertainment.

Now we have an awakening awareness and hardening resistance to this long careful struggle of the Satanists. The resistance is, at best, just a return to a semi-Victorian mythology of morality. Some elements consciously proclaim an even more reactionary return to something that resembles Medieval feudal society. The difference between them is not so significant, when you consider that it is all rooted in heathen cultic idolatry with a thin veneer of pseudo-Christian covering. This awakening resistance stands on the last battle line of pedophilia. That is the one last moral boundary that the Satanist elite cannot cross.

At one time the Satanists had a huge army of conscripts we call Progressive or leftist activists. As previously noted on this blog, the lefties aren’t actually open to pedophilia. Thus, you can spot the difference between a Satanist/globalist versus a typical leftist on that issue. Anyone publicly defending pedophiles is either a devoted Satanist or directly serving them. The other lefties are now having a little trouble defending that, so you can see an exodus of folks from the leftist party.

In fact, there is a similar exodus from Hollywood itself. Most people who have worked in the entertainment industry are victims of this atmosphere of abuse. Some have turned around to abuse others, but we are now seeing quite a few of them coming out and testifying of the depth of depravity that Hollywood has tried to hide all these years. The whole facade is crumbling; the political globalists are losing their cover.

This mess is unsustainable; it was a lie of Satan from the beginning. It cannot work because it is all a violent attack on Creation. Reality is willfully opposed to this and it cannot stand for long. This globalist agenda will collapse in on its own rotten core, and their sins will be exposed.

But the right-wing imperialists are no better, just more stable. Once they have shattered the left, their own fortunes will decline and the empire will break up.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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