The Fall of America 03

You won’t come any closer to seeing the face of The Cult than you would by identifying the globalist cabal. This is also the clearest manifestation of Satanism and Luciferian religion. It branches out all over the world with servants and allies. There really is a conspiracy, but too many commentators are looking at the wrong means of identification. By their fruits you will know them. I’m not describing them by tracing out all their operations and contacts, but by how they act in terms of moral effects. The primary key is not what the various humans involved know or don’t know, but how Satan uses people and guides their actions. We don’t have to know all the details on the ground, only how it splashes evil on the canvas of Creation.

You and I are committed to returning to the Garden of Eden; we seek His glory. All our means and methods are based on His revelation of what we can know about how reality is designed. We know that we cannot trust what our human capabilities can tell us about any of that. The globalist religion is a depraved rejection of revelation and elevates a dream of power arising from the assumption that God is hiding from us our true capabilities (Genesis 3:4-5). They seek arcane knowledge on those grounds, whether it be esoteric magic or simply digging into the depths of fallen human terror. It’s the myth of an independent path back into Eden,and that Eden is somewhere in this world. They are rejecting revelation; that means they are willfully serving Satan by default. Anything outside of God’s will is the Devil’s will.

Remember what I said about The Cult: They aren’t Zionist, but they use Zionism. For them, it’s not about Israel, but about world government. It’s a return to the Tower of Babel. They’ll use Israel and Zionism to get there, but will ditch them as soon as possible.

If you’ve read Shahak’s Jewish History, Jewish Religion, you know that one thing has not changed a bit since Jesus’ time: The rabbis despise the common Jewish folk. Over the centuries since that time, the rabbis oppressed their own people with a zeal hard to match. The whole concept of Jewish equal rights throughout history has meant the right of the rabbis to keep their own people under control and taxed painfully.

During the 1300s, Kabbalism became a major factor in perverting rabbinical teaching even farther, so that it becomes common to find rabbis secretly worshiping Satan. Even the more academic study of Kabbalism is radically different from the brand taught and practiced among the Jewish elite. It’s probably impossible to trace at this point, but we do know that during the Enlightenment, there was a split between those who become globalists and those who would become Zionists. Indeed, even though a great many Jewish elite are on the globalist side, a trademark of globalist doctrine is spite for most Jews (for example, the Illuminati were notorious for hating Jews).

While the two camps cooperated on most things for the past few centuries, the Zionists have recently become a major liability for the globalists. Most obvious is that Zionists want to be the global ruling elite instead of the globalists. During American history, the Zionists began cultivating all political sides, but in recent times their only real American friends are the imperialists and the evangelical Christians. We have the comedy of Zionists hoping to rule the world, and Christian Zionists hoping they will try and fail.

And within the so-called Intelligence Community (IC, more than a dozen agencies in Washington DC) there is sometimes little difference between an imperialist and globalist. The reason is because the IC are so very certain they will be part of the ruling elite either way. But when you break it down by agency, we know that the CIA has always been faithful to the globalists, and has never been loyal to the American people or the Constitution. The FBI is somewhat divided — during the past two decades the globalists have taken over most of the leadership positions, but the rank and file don’t seem to share their agenda. Currently, it appears the NSA has joined with various military intelligence agencies to support the imperialists.

So the globalists own Hollywood, the leadership of the Democratic Party, the CIA and the leadership in a great many federal agencies. The imperialists own the Republicans, the military leadership and most law enforcement agencies outside the FBI, and perhaps some portion inside it. This includes the vast majority of state and local “first responder” employees, as well. And while it appears that the deck is stacked against the globalists in some ways, we know that the CIA has moles all over the system, people who would willingly take the fall to gain a solid strategic advantage for the globalist agenda. And if that’s not enough, the entertainment elite have an army of mafioso-like investigators and hit-men who have not been idle. A lot of Hollywood deaths were not at all what the public has been told.

For you and me, the difference is that, while globalists are all about the false religion of Babylon, the imperialists are all about the management and force behind it. Both want Babylon from a different angle. While The Cult has agents among the imperialists, they are much more fully invested in globalism.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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