The Fall of America 04

It was almost two years ago that I knew God was planning to bring down the globalists. Don’t read this as tooting my own horn; I want you to understand how God can work if you give Him room. Back in November 2016 I wasn’t really too sure who the globalists were, but I knew their time was short. Nor could I imagine how God would crush them, yet now we see them under fierce attack from the population.

Hollywood has always been one long string of scandals, but the problem of pervasive child molestation is going to destroy the industry. As the pretense of respectability unravels, there is an increasing probability of boycott, or worse. There is a good chance of prosecution in some cases. Keep in mind that I lump together under “entertainment” certain social network sites, also run by globalists. Watch how stock drops can kill major corporations.

On the political side, Trump appears to be making good use of support from the military intelligence agencies to dig into the illegal shenanigans of his enemies. It’s not just public shaming, but it’s clear that legal action is pending. Also, you should be aware that what appears to be inconsistencies in public announcements is a very effective trick to expose the source of illegal spying. False information is planted in certain places, and whoever leaks that stuff has just painted a target on themselves based on their access to where the disinformation is planted. There are numerous other types of traps set like that. It appears the NSA is supporting him, so there is virtually no limit to what he can find out about his enemies.

The globalists are in panic mode. Their actions are going to become increasingly frantic and self-defeating. Even the mainstream media are sounding desperate in trying discredit everything Trump and his fans do. Meanwhile, the patriot troll army is exploding. There is every reason to expect his enemies will be crushed by the end of this calendar year.

Yet be warned: While no one can put a date on it, major economic disruption is right on top of us. At some point, someone holding too much stock market risk will bolt for the exit to save as much wealth as possible. When that happens, there will be a stampede. A lot of electronic wealth will evaporate, and with it comes a halt in certain kinds of consumption that serves to prop up the already weak economy. It will be like falling dominoes as other kinds of business start to close because they were already marginal, too close to the edge of failure. We won’t starve, but we will all be quite surprised at what doesn’t survive the shock.

When things get tight for consumers and businesses, so do resources available to governments. Most bureaucrats and politicians are too stupid to understand the necessity of prioritizing and shutting down services. Look for the most insane scramble for tax revenue that simply won’t be there. This is a rough outline of how the federal government will fall apart. Agencies will start to seize resources and folks will fight back and the system will simply be unsustainable. I’m expecting Trump to be the last President of the US. It won’t be entirely his fault.

The biggest unreasonable demand for resources will be military related, in pursuit of foreign policy goals. As you already know, the prime driver for our foreign policy will be Israel. When we simply have nothing left with which to defend her, that’s when it’s likely she will be destroyed. She has continued to provoke the whole world with an utterly heedless spite for Gentiles in general, and any neighboring country in particular. Her enemies will soon outnumber her friends.

Meanwhile, American evangelical Christian institutions will also be shattered. Some will close up shop, but most will simply be reduced to a thin shell of their former glory. They have long wasted too much effort on “getting folks saved.” Our position is that God and God alone decides who will enter into eternity with Him, and who will stand before Him as enemies. There is nothing any human can do to change their eternal fate; the official theological term is monergism. Churches have been chasing the wrong question. The only thing we can do is seek to awaken the heart so that we can obey His revelation. It was never about “getting folks saved,” but about getting folks to walk in obedience and claim their inheritance in shalom. Like the song says, “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way.” That’s the gospel. Spiritual birth does little good toward that goal if your heart remains silenced by a demonic cultural bias against letting the heart rule.

God alone knows the particulars of how all these things will happen, and most especially the timing. By establishing your genuine faith now, you won’t be distracted by surprising events. America is going to fall, just like Babylon, and for the same reasons.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to The Fall of America 04

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    I wish there was a way to convince people that this stuff is built into the human condition: earthly powers will always be brought down one way or another, eventually. Strangely enough, some anarchists (even a few socialists) seem to be the only ones that get this, even if for different motivations or evidence-types–and those folks typically are ones that openly want nothing to do with God.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Truth typically comes in a paradox.


  3. Iain says:

    Yay, anarchy!


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