Contextual Loose Ends for Radix Fidem

Is this Radix Fidem thing for real? Is it real to you? Can a heart-led faith in Christ become both a distinguishing characteristic, and the basis for coming together as a community of faith? There are at least a handful of us who believe it is. We are trying to hold together a communion based on shared faith and understanding. Maybe you, dear reader, are a part of that. Along with recent explorations of what defines our shared faith, I want to offer a few practical considerations.

1. Here’s a serious problem: The younger generation growing up with the Internet confuses virtual reality with reality. Because the Internet is borderless, they assume humanity should be borderless. This makes it very hard to get across to them the lesson of the Tower of Babel, that God requires us to be tribal. This is a major flaw in the nascent Networked Civilization.

Once the globalist cabal in America is destroyed, you should expect the ideals to rise again from the ashes. It’s a fundamental tool of Satan and will not die until Christ returns. The Tower of Babel will be built repeatedly until then.

2. Because there is such a big difference between virtual space and meat space, you and I have to learn something very important. In the coming turmoil of tribulation, the best way to avoid being a target is to avoid organizing in meat space. Any time you draw humans together in one place with a clear institutional purpose and identity, that becomes a target.

This is why you see attempts in the mainstream media (MSM) to portray their enemies as easily defined groups. Once you have a handle sticking out there, anyone can grab it. So the MSM looks for ways to define any group with handles they can use to dismiss something that is completely rooted in virtual space. It’s a big lie, but most of humanity has a reflex to believe at least part of the MSM message.

You and I must be careful to put the focus on the message, not ourselves. This weakens the lies of those who would seek to silence us. The MSM is your enemy, willing slaves of Satan, as are a great many standing social institutions.

3. Do not make the mistake of thinking this isn’t a war. Lots of people still hold up the false image of a debate within a unified nation, but that’s the first lie. The only solution is to separate the main groups, but nobody wants to yield an inch of the larger territory. So they will fight until the battle lines become boundaries on the ground.

The reason we have to see it as a war is because at least one side intends to force their vision onto others. They have embraced the dire necessity of crushing dissent. There never was much unity; that was a facade. But now the facade has been ripped away and naked force is exposed for what it is.

4. Our faith comes with a built-in desire for fellowship and communion in the real world. We have to temper that for the time being with the very real threat to anything that looks like organization. As much as possible, we need to keep the core existence of our religion in the virtual realm. Once things have shaken out and the new political order comes into existence, then we can focus more on building recognizable households of faith. Keep that dream alive.

5. Be prepared to sacrifice in the mean time. Anything still burdened with debt is likely to be taken from you. It’s not so much a matter of packing a bug-out bag, but of mentally getting used to the idea. There’s no way you can estimate in advance what you will need to pack in such a bag because the context is in flux. The greatest survival tool is a heart-led mind ready to march at God’s command.

It’s okay to march alongside any group that’s on your path, but don’t step into their formation. Those who march in formation will always demand something that God says you must not surrender.


What follows is strictly my personal outlook on things — Trump is an emperor in the making. This business of Q and the online anonymous troll army is the primary means of winning the loyalty of a significant minority. This will turn into a majority-in-effect who will surrender to him the civic authority to ignore the rules. He is the strong man who promises to protect them from a very real threat of globalist oppression.

Again: that threat is very real. The globalist leadership in the Democratic Party had concrete plans to provoke a nuclear war with Russia. They recently convinced some general to launch a missile aimed at derailing Trump’s talks with North Korea. That missile was shot down by an F-16 escorting part of the Air Force One entourage. This is the story told by Q, though not without some pretty solid evidence.

Had HRC won the election, a nuclear conflict probably would have already happened by now. We would have been living in an apocalypse. God saw fit to turn that aside. But the tool He is using is not so different from any other conquering emperor in history; it brings its own sorrows. There’s nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the Q-anon army, along with the more shadowy corps of armed right-wingers ready to defend their emperor with violence (two separate but overlapping groups). It’s okay to watch as Hollywood devours itself. Feel free to watch the economics indicators to discern when things will start to break down.

But don’t let yourself be led astray by the enthusiasm of those who support major elements in this war. Everyone who takes a partisan position is hiding something, even if they hide it from themselves, as well. There is deception all over the place. Just a couple of days ago, CNN was preparing to stage a false flag incident. At a Trump rally in Wilkes-Barre CNN had placed hired agitators carrying fake Q signs who were going to physically attack the CNN crew to make it appear that this Q thing is dangerous and violent. CNN is literally engaging in treasonous espionage against the President. The other major networks — ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS — were also echoing the story (along with big newspapers) that the Q movement was threatening and dangerous. They all ran the same story at the same time by coordination.

Consider that the entire academic foundation of Journalism is rooted in leftist ideology. It’s the same with Teachers’ College and a lot of other professions. I witnessed this first hand during my training for public education. When the a priori norm is globalist religion, with the inherent intent to deceive the populace, you cannot trust anything they say. Even the most innocuous local human interest stories are stained with deception. It’s the same with everything in the entertainment industry — idolatry and deception are the starting point, and they are woven into the fabric of everything they produce.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Contextual Loose Ends for Radix Fidem

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “Consider that the entire academic foundation of Journalism is rooted in leftist ideology.”

    As a former Communications major who hung out with a lot of journalist folks, I can attest this to be true…though it’s just my experience.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    During the years I worked as a substitute teacher in public school, the curriculum in Journalism classes were consistently the same in presuming a left-leaning outlook. At the three colleges where I got close to the Communications curriculum, it was more blatant.


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