The Anglo-American Identity

Some of you are going to get this wrong no matter how I say, or how well I present it. All I can offer is what I’ve seen. If you can’t use it, set it aside and move on with your life. I have zero interest in your attempts to debate or establish some kind of external objective standard to which you can appeal.

This is just some observations. They should help you understand some things that could affect your mission and calling. We need to correct some false impressions that our world has force-fed us so that we can see clearly what a heart-led walk will teach us. So all I’m trying to do is remove bad learning so you can be free to learn on your own what God wants to tell you. Referring you to academic studies isn’t going to help. Read this with your heart; don’t let your mind get in the way.

The Bible refers to “nations,” a term that seems to indicate groups of people who share a culture and some DNA. I doubt there has ever been a pure race of people on this planet, nor could there ever be. However, we do know that a nation in biblical terms includes a set of moral characteristics that can make them unique, and that it is a mix of culture and DNA, if nothing else, in the sense that shared DNA can give folks a predisposition to certain cultural features.

Thus, we observe that Anglo-Americans are mixture of several nations in that sense, but with a certain amount of shared culture. Now, location and conditions will also affect cultural contents. So you mix in all of these considerations and you come up with several broad regional “nations” within the US.

Now, urban areas will always be one kind of nation, always possessing certain recognizable traits simply because of what living in a city does to people. So our urban metropolitan areas will give us broad generalities we can work with, things we’ve come to expect, with only slight variations according to location.

Outside of the cities, we can see broad cultural identities in certain parts of the US. The northeast is broadly a blue-collar culture. The southeast is more redneck. The southwest and west coast are too deeply affected by Native and Mexican presence, so they aren’t really part of Anglo-America. But the Plains and northwestern areas all the way out to the Rockies are somewhat of a cowboy-frontiersman culture. Each of those groups have trademark habits and responses to things, yet they all share a certain amount of overlap with common Anglo-American rule-based culture and expectations.

These reflect my experience. Yours would likely be different. And you could play with your parameters and find all kinds of ways to look it things and get different answers. That’s exactly my point: The US has never been a “nation.” It has always been multiple nations, sometimes overlapping within the same space. If I had visited only with certain minority groups while traveling the US, I’m sure I would have seen a different set of nations.

In broad general terms, Anglo-American culture is rules-oriented, and the people are naturally predisposed to live by them. You shouldn’t have to lock your doors, for example, but we have predators among us who don’t live by those rules. Yet I can take you to some small towns where virtually nobody locks their doors. And then I can take you to communities where houses have bars on the windows and they still get broken into often — because it’s not an Anglo-American community. By definition, Anglo-American culture includes a powerful element of Medieval European chivalry mythology.

Anglo-Americans have this semi-conscious assumption about giving people a break as long as they appear to be playing by those same rules. It’s not just a matter of property, but it’s more that the rules are sacred. Folks who break those rules can expect a very predictable response, in that those Anglo-American rules are written not just in their conscious expectations, but in their genes and in the context in which they live. You can try as hard as you like, but too much of it is written in their DNA, and you won’t change their response to turmoil. It’s more than just education and conditioning.

In broad general terms, Anglo-Americans treat feminism as the same package with political correctness and “social justice” values. Your typical Anglo-American will view them together rather as an intruding minority cult, a treasonous rejection of normal life. They have tolerated it for a while, but in recent times that cult has gotten too pushy. They are insufferably arrogant and pushing their cult as the only possible truth. Along with this, the cult has allied with all kinds of invading nations, trying to wipe away the dominant Anglo-American identity.

It won’t work. That cult is actually the ugly side of the Anglo-American culture, but most folks don’t recognize that. Both sides reject the other, and neither will ever really win, except for a period of time. The mainstream will eventually beat back the cult, but it will lurk beneath the surface and rise again. Right now, the mainstream is just now rising up to beat back the cult again.

Every nation, race and people on this earth are capable of fighting in their own way. They all have their own approach to warfare, and the reasons for going to war. Each has its own prowess and unique advantages. Again, it’s partly culture, partly DNA, and partly a matter of location and context. But here in Anglo-America, nobody is going to defeat the Anglo-Americans. By no means are they morally superior and favored by God, but God has granted them a certain advantage for His own inscrutable reasons. They have one advantage: They are more efficient and effective at combat itself. It’s their native element, their primary form of art and religion. They developed nukes and used them; they won’t hesitate to use them again, literally and figuratively.

Chivalry is merely a peace-time facade. Anglo-Americans are particularly bad at governing, but when government comes apart, their true nature shines. It’s not as if they never lose in battle, but they will take the most Satanic revenge later. This requires they reassert their self-conscious identity over their own cult folk. In the past few decades, they’ve been pretending they could stop being racist. It’s a facade, a myth. Nor should you imagine that Anglo-Americans are more racist than other identifiable groups. I’ve seen racial hatred in all colors; it’s human nature and can’t be trained or conditioned out of us (only the Holy Spirit can break it). So Anglo-Americans are just as bad as anyone else, but it won’t likely be a mere matter of skin color, but of national identity.

None of this has anything to do with what’s morally right or wrong. This is simply some observations. I no longer identify as Anglo-American; the heart-led way tends to make you walk away from all of that. It changes how you look at yourself and reality around you. You can still understand how the heart-less world operates, but you know you can’t go back into that world.

What I’m trying to say is that you should brace yourself for the Anglo-American backlash to what they perceive as too damned much provocation. Don’t look at the rhetoric, but look at how they act. No matter how hard folks try to tone this down, it could easily be a bloodbath. That’s the Anglo-American way.

Trump is tapping into this Anglo-American sense of identity without calling it that.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to The Anglo-American Identity

  1. forrealone says:

    “It changes how you look at yourself and reality around you. You can still understand how the heart-less world operates, but you know you can’t go back into that world.”
    I have been reading Jeremiah and as his heart ached, mine did too. As his frustrations mounted, so did mine. I feel as though I am reading our own story, the story of America. All the starry eyed notions I once held to be true and dear have slipped away. It’s hard to look back without tears……


  2. Jay DiNitto says:

    The US, really, is an inward-facing empire of smaller, disparate nations. Has been from the start (hi, Whiskey Tax). That’s essentially what you get with such a powerful central government. Through a number of events through the centuries the disparity has become more obvious, but it’s constantly covered up with fancy rhetoric and Enlightenment ideas. All that comes with an expiration date.


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