Bombs and Lies

1. Watch out for gatekeepers. It’s one thing to have a mission from God to protect the feudal domain He puts in your hands. It’s another thing to imagine that your mission from God is to play Covering Cherub. That was Satan’s first job and he started embezzling the Creator’s glory. Offering a similar delusion is one of his favorite ploys to seduce fools who suffer from the Boastful Pride of Life.

Notice how it’s just backwards from the mission Christ gave Peter. The Keys of the Kingdom were a matter of giving God access to His own domain and keeping others out. Peter’s job was to recognize when the Master had come to visit, first Samaritans, then Gentiles, and open the door for communion. Then some years later, Peter was seduced to withdraw from Gentile Christians, and was called on it. Satan wants to restrict people’s access to God.

Recognize when someone is playing gatekeeper between you and your Lord. It happens a lot in organized religion.

2. Not to be cryptic, but I’m trying to word this carefully; I could be misled on some details. We have come close to any number of major false flag events in the past few months. The globalists have been trying to leverage their access to various parts of the system, only to be blocked by others with even better access. We’ve had at least one missile launch, several more attempts at missile launches, military ordinance has been found in wrong places, etc.

Of course, the mainstream media is playing gatekeeper with the information on such events. Most of the world is so used to the globalists controlling the public dialog that even an honest declaration from government officials is simply not possible. The current story is significantly false, so the truth would seem preposterous. Most major man-made disasters that made the news in past decades are not what we’ve been told.

But the only messages getting out there to counter the big lies are more big lies, just a different flavor. With few exceptions, every time I dug into the alternative voices, I found they were pushing their own lies. You know that some portion is true in what the MSM and opposition are both saying, but there are also lies in with it. It’s hard to know what’s factual.

There are several of us within the parish who have sensed with our hearts that we are on the brink of such turmoil that our minds cannot imagine.

3. It’s not enough that people in power are doing crazy things, but I keep seeing it in the random events around me. The general level of human tension is rising; people are going nuts. It is part of God’s wrath that demons are released to drive people crazy. What used to be random wacko stuff is now sweeping whole groups.

It’s one thing to notice our economic and social stability are coming apart, but this is more than just that. It’s a fevered perception, something like hysteria and panic that is oozing through society. People are losing their grip.

On the one hand, this causes all kinds of problems. On the other hand, it opens the door to our ministry of faith. People seeing your heart-led sense of aplomb in the midst of chaos will know you have something they don’t. People don’t repent until they see the raw truth of their sin and feel the misery without any masking.

This is our time.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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