One Ambition

What’s my ostensible objective on this blog? My specialty is human religion. I’m striving to change the way people do Christian religion, in particular.

This business of “heart-led” is just another term for genuine faith. I contend that you can’t really call it “faith” unless it grows from a heart of conviction. And conviction does nothing unless you invest your conscious focus on your convictions. So we talk about moving the focus of your sense of self from your head into your heart. And then we have to clarify the terminology, because most of our audience is likely to invest false ideas in our choice of words.

But the whole thing calls for a shift in human awareness itself. We contend that faith is not merely another human endeavor, but that it must rule all things. Thus, whatever else you do under the sun must be rooted in your faith, your moral convictions about what really matters in the first place.

By no means did I set out to break from mainstream Christian religion. I struggled to stay involved and suggest changes from within the system. There was no hidden plan to sneak things in; I shared my perceptions openly during the whole process. It took quite a while for me to follow where my faith was leading me, but at some point, religious leaders pushed me out the door. My suggestions were too radical. I can’t say it was true for all of them, but I know for certain that some of them were frankly threatened by my suggestions. Not in the sense of violence, but in the high probability it would shatter their power and wealth.

Naturally, they accused me of trying to build my own power and wealth to displace theirs. Nothing can be gained by arguing about stuff like that. They were totally lost in their own world and refused to see mine. There could be no New Reformation.

There is a broad trend right now of people feeling disenfranchised in their own domains of interest and endeavor, so it’s easy to relegate me to their agitation for change in the system. In the minds of most people who even notice my work, I’m just another part of that trend. Since there’s no way I can change how people see that, I’m simply playing it for what it’s worth. There is a lot of social, cultural and political turmoil. We might as well include religious turmoil, too.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could get more folks to pay attention to what we are doing here? Unfortunately, the folks who control the means of publicizing such things are opposed to our message, not least because putting faith first threatens their operations. On the other hand, we aren’t a very big threat, in that we don’t have a bunch of folks chanting “Radix Fidem” while ripping into their globalist operations. And we surely won’t get any positive attention from the alternative media sources, because we aren’t their allies, either. No, we’ll have to wait on God, as He is our chief publicist.

For now, that’s all in our favor. Publicity would get in our way at this point. It’s enough that He is drawing to us a base of folks who were actively looking for our message, even if they didn’t know quite what they were seeking. This doesn’t require any real strategy; just doing what we do, and talking about it, will provide a beacon bright enough to guide those who know they need light. We aren’t building a kingdom in the first place, but we do represent the one started two thousand years ago. It’s a kingdom not of this world.

That’s the whole point: We aren’t investing in this world in the first place. The time is already here when this world will be recognized as the horrible prison it really is, and folks will be looking for an escape. Then this religion will grow quite naturally. God’s wrath is a critical element in driving people into His bosom. Eden is not a place on this earth; it never was. Yet paradise is surely all the people who find genuine faith in Christ — we are Eden. We are the Garden of God, insofar as such a thing can be found in this world. We represent the Flaming Sword, the gateway of departure.

Feel free to read about Q-anon, to hang out on Vox Day’s or Neon Revolt’s blogs, and watch the celebration of our future “God Emperor” Trump. You can check out the “Great Awakening” sub-reddit and any number of online forums seeking to interpret the oddball communications from the enigmatic Q. Keep in mind that much of this is pure bullshaloney intended to cultivate the loyalty of a powerful nerd army. Don’t get trapped in that false religion, though, because that’s what it is — a modern form of emperor worship. Stuff will certainly happen simply because God is using Trump as His scourge. Don’t be shocked when it turns bloody, as it surely must.

Nothing of consequence will change in the human condition. All we can hope for is to participate in capturing merely the awareness of a few whom God has called to another world. Actually, that other world is the Creation that already stands right here with us, but a Creation from which fallen mankind is alienated. We seek to peel back the affects of the Curse of the Fall so that we can perceive and commune with His Creation as part of our communion with Him. So the only real hope is escaping the obsession with making something beautiful of our fallen condition, and getting out from under the doom of the Fall.

I’m utterly convinced that Radix Fidem is the route to the Flaming Sword. I want to help as many people as possible to find that path. It’s too sweet to keep to myself.

That’s my only ambition, if you can call it that.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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5 Responses to One Ambition

  1. Mr. T. says:

    Politics seems very distracting to me when you’re trying to prioritize spiritual things. Of course it’s the way things get done and ordered in the wider world, but it doesn’t have that much to do with normal local neighbourliness. And it’s easy to start hating your political opponents and forget their humanity, call it the hardening of your heart or something. On the other hand some understanding of politics is probably needed if you want to know what’s going on and perhaps going to happen. Politics seems very divisive and pretty self-serving/self-centered a lot of the time; you can try to defend many different priorities and who can tell which of them are truly correct?


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Some of us called to pay attention; others are called to ignore politics. Each of us contributes to the community what God has made us to be. I track politics because it’s my calling.


  3. Mr. T. says:

    Personally I don’t know what to think about politics: it’s certainly interesting and important in a worldly sense (“man is a political animal”), but seems to make me awfully cranky (and sometimes even slightly hateful). Though sometimes you have, or are made to take sides.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    For me, it’s easier to stay neutral because I have a very firm concept of what Biblical Law demands in terms of government. That concept is very, very different from what any political system looks like today. At the same time, I have a firm idea where things are headed prophetically. Yet, with all of that, I can certainly feel the pull of partisanship in the world around me.


  5. Jay DiNitto says:

    I stay neutral as well, although it’s easy for me because politics isn’t my calling and I don’t have the time.

    I don’t even watch the news to “keep up.” There’s nothing virtuous with “knowing what’s going on in your nation” through major media streams, since most of that is either outrage p0rn, or entertainment or propaganda.


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