Babylon Disguised

An offline query triggered a train of thought, suggesting I need to explain something a little further.

We know that Satan tricked us into getting ourselves kicked out of Eden. He convinced us that we could trust our own senses and reason to handle Creation. Instead, that choice placed a barrier between us and Creation, and forced into a mortal physical existence. Now we are bound by time and space, quite unlike our existence before the Fall. The only thing that changed was human nature; Creation remains just as before. Except now it lacks our guidance, so it seems chaotic, and in our moral blindness we have treated it badly.

Satan profits from our deception. He would naturally build up systems that keep us enslaved to his lies. It won’t matter whether we slavishly wallow in our lower appetites, or if we invest our trust in great logical order, or some combination of both. As long as we don’t anchor our conscious awareness in the heart and walk by faith, he’s got us. He consumes all our shalom for himself, as it were.

That’s his job. Our job is to restore the primacy of the heart and commit ourselves unreservedly to the revelation, the Covenant of Jesus Christ, the feudal Biblical Law. Once we restore ourselves to that truth, the glory of God shines through our shalom. He speaks through that glory to the rest of mankind, making them culpable for following our example of faith.

We care about Eden, not this world. This world is slated for destruction, and there’s not a damned thing any human can do to change the schedule, nor the outcome of That Day. What we can do is restore divine justice in our own lives to bring Him glory.

Over the centuries since our expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Satan has established several major deceptions to keep us under his thumb and away from the Flaming Sword. There are themes we can discern. If you understand the Tower of Babel narrative, then you can see how the pattern repeats throughout history. Make people materialistic, worried about living long in this material world and worried about conquering and controlling the situation so that they can defeat death. It’s a lie; it cannot possibly work that way. Nothing accomplished in this world matters. But the obsession of Babylon is to gain control over humanity and the human context.

Again, it cannot work and the Devil keeps doing this until God says it’s time for a reset so the whole thing can be started over again. It’s an act of mercy, because letting humanity go on and on in the wrong direction takes them away from God’s revelation. So the occasional collapse of a civilization helps remind folks Who is really in charge.

Right now, the big lie of Babylon has been divided into two camps. Both are equally evil, but it’s a different flavor of evil so that it can attract the majority of humanity, a sort of “something for everyone.” Now that the time is ripe for another round of destruction, God has decreed that one will go down first, then the other. He has appointed Trump as His scourge to destroy the globalists.

As a part of his strategy, Trump has chosen to take advantage of the Internet and cultivate a cult following among the growing population of nerds (notice that “cult” and “cultivate” have the same etymology). Please understand that Trump is part figurehead, in some ways manipulated by unseen influences using his charisma for their agenda.

Part of their game is to stir up a little conspiracy theory. It works because there are very real conspiracies, but it’s far more entertaining to add a bunch of extra drama. His opponents comprise a very real conspiracy, and they believe some godawful nonsense about themselves as somewhere above the rest of the human race. Trump’s Zionist backers also believe the same thing about themselves, but it’s just slightly less bizarre than what the globalists believe.

Because the globalists tend to make things happen to bolster their assurance of their superiority and their wild plot to rule the world, it should surprise no one that any attempt to dig into their mythology will run into vast layers of cloaking bullshit. Unless you are on the inside, you cannot know what’s nonsense and what is true doctrine. Granted, these people are hideously depraved followers of Satan, but a lot things researchers have seized upon are misleading. In the resulting confusion, the globalist worshipers of the Devil can blow it all off simply because some of the accusations are manifestly false.

It doesn’t help that the researchers offer conflicting versions of the story based on their own personal deceptions. Some of them are in collusion with the globalists to keep it all confused. That way, a whole lot of truth leaks out — it inevitably does — but it’s mixed with nonsense. They aren’t stupid.

Thus, the fans of Trump and Q are insisting on spouting a lot of nonsense. But all this does is deflect attention away from their own secret plots. They use the same tricks to hide their plots — layers of bullshit and hired guns to promote perverted versions of their true agenda.

I’ll grant you it can be a lot of fun watching Trump’s smart tactics ripping apart the globalist conspiracy and exposing all their tricks. It’s hard not to find somewhat endearing the enthusiasm of the nerd herd following all these carefully structured leaks from Q. But you should never lose sight of the end result. When the globalists are out of the way, the military and their “God Emperor” will crush us all under the iron yoke of Zionism. This is still Babylon in another disguise.

Don’t trust them.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Babylon Disguised

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “So the occasional collapse of a civilization helps remind folks Who is really in charge.”

    I love how casual this sounds đŸ™‚ But you have to imagine how hard God is facepalming with everything going on here…figuratively facepalming, of course.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    I’m sure God finds it tedious.


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