War on Revelation 02

We who seek to follow revelation understand that we will always be part of three worlds. First is the world as God intended it. That’s symbolized by the Garden of Eden, and is a higher realm outside the Curse of the Fall. The other two realms are under that curse. Second is the moral realm of revelation. It’s the fallen world viewed as a temporary condition, with certain caveats on how to begin moving back to Eden. It is the world of the Flaming Sword at the Gate of Eden.

That world requires a heart-led consciousness that sees Creation as God intended it to be and what is required to get back to that. We know that the problem is rejection of revelation, and that while the ideal may be out of reach for now, there is a lot we can do to ameliorate the Curse. The third is the false world of moral blindness outside of Eden. It’s a perspective that sees only what the fleshly senses and reason can discern. Thus, we always see every issue in at least those three ways. We can see what could be if folks would just listen to God, but we also see what is going to happen because they don’t.

Let me offer an abbreviated review of what’s wrong with Western Civilization in one particular issue: male versus female influence on society. We know that God has made male and female to cooperate as it was in Eden, with each of the two providing their characteristic talents to the mission. We also know about the Curse of the Fall and how it affects those characteristic talents and leaves us with a crippled ideal if we obey revelation. And then there’s Western Civilization that wallows in the very worst elements of the Curse.

The remedy of the Flaming Sword is to recognize that there must be a balance between the way each of the two sexes approach the mission of life on this earth. Western assumptions about reality completely miss that balance point. Here’s something very few people understand: The West is inherently feminist. That is, the whole realm of what is considered possible is shaped a priori from the feminine point of view, a point of view under the Curse of the Fall. In other words, even during periods of strong patriarchy, it is a patriarchy defined by the feminist point of view. And because Western men are so very much under the Curse, they unconsciously conform to this point of view. Western men eat the Forbidden Fruit because they are too lazy to keep Western women away from the Forbidden Tree.

It’s not that patriarchy is wrong, but that Western patriarchy is wrong. It cannot be done right because the West has no experience with patriarchy as revealed by God. So you will either have a blatantly feminist matriarchy, or you will have a very rotten patriarchy, but you will never have a godly social structure in the West. You have to leave the West, you have to renounce it and all that comes with it, step outside of it completely in order to approach the Flaming Sword.

Embracing revelation produces a balance between patriarchy and matriarchy; each rules in its proper sphere — male and female He made them. The West has no balance point; it is inherently matriarchal even when men seem to dominate. And it’s a very bad matriarchy at that; it’s a perverted idolatrous matriarchy the reflects the worst of the degrading fertility cults.

The vast majority of social and political ills in the West could be resolved if we could just get this one serious problem resolved. It will not happen, so what’s left is to understand clearly what will happen and act accordingly.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to War on Revelation 02

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    It’s probably the “cult of theory” that drives this: the idea that conceiving of a utopia where men and women interact a certain way necessarily means that it’s possible. People throughout history, ones that have too much time on their hands, devise these theories, amd whichever one gets bureaucratic support is the one that’s foisted on everyone. C.S. Lewis was onto something when he depicted hell as an endless bureaucracy.

    Note that these utopias only seem to appear in fictional stories. Implementing them in the real world causes a lot of misery.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Agreed, Jay. The most hellish world is the safest one.


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