Just a Silly Story 02

Again: I have no way of assessing the accuracy of this wild tale. I’m just passing it on to you for your entertainment.

This is a time of evidence gathering. It’s also a time of leaking. As you should understand by now, all leaks are intentional, particularly in the case of Trump and Q seeking to build a very strong virtual constituency. This sort of nerd herd on the forums is a way of balancing the leftist control of social media outlets. What do you suppose happens when that which “everybody is doing” shifts out from under the corporate controlled social media outlets? At the very least, the Big Tech social media operations go broke, and the globalists have no way of controlling the narrative.

And there are a ton of leaks; it’s hard to keep up. One leak says a key figure in the FBI admitted that the FISA warrants used to excuse spying on Trump and his team were bogus. It works like this: FBI officials will leak a false story to the media. The media reports this story as a leak from unnamed sources in government. Then the FBI points to those stories as evidence that demands a warrant, and get the FISA judge to sign off on it.

There was a closed Congressional hearing yesterday with Bruce Ohr as the guest of honor; he was a senior attorney in the DoJ under Obama. If you look him up, you’ll get some very carefully worded, and very misleading, comments about what part he may have played in ginning up this bogus “Russian collusion” investigation against Trump and his campaign. During closed hearings, everyone present is supposed to surrender electronic gadgets, but it’s never enforced that well. So someone observing the hearing was giving a running account of tidbits from inside the hearing room and posting it on one of those nerd forums. Ohr sang.

The leaks said he admitted to conspiring with others in the DoJ to lie to the FISA judges about this dire necessity to investigate Trump. He describes collusion between upper level management in FBI, DoJ and CIA to take Trump down using outright lies to manipulate the legal system. The leaker goes on to describe how the Democrats on the hearing committee were running for cover, totally unable to contain this massive wildfire destroying their political leverage. Worse, at least one of the FISA judges was in on the whole thing. At any rate, the questioning was all over the place, covering far more than just this one issue. For example, Ohr’s testimony implicates a lot of allied officials in the Five Eyes spying community working along with this conspiracy, particularly in the UK and Australia.

There was another leak about another official who infiltrated Trump’s organization. The guy then went around trying to arrange meetings between Trump’s staff and any number of Russians here in the US. Once they met, he then reported it to Clinton allies to be used as evidence of Russian influence. We are quickly getting into the territory where Mueller has no basis for continuing his investigations because the whole Russian influence thing was built in lies. Worse, it indicates the sheer malice and spite of numerous officials determined to stop/remove Trump from office.

Oh, and this Q who keeps feeding leaks to the nerd community is associated with INSCOM, US Army Intelligence and Security Command. This in turn is allegedly in league with the NSA. Q claims that they have a copy of the contents of Clinton’s secret home mail server, along with all the servers Awan was supposed to have controlled while working for the Democratic Party. And they have a copy of Weiner’s laptop with all those emails, and much, much more.

Apparently just about every spying agency had access to Clinton’s secret home server, but there is strong evidence it was cracked by the Chinese. During the period she was using it was the same period when the CIA lost a bunch of Chinese agents. Chinese government arrested a bunch of our spies and many were executed. It was a huge setback in CIA espionage in China.

You would get the feeling that there is an awful lot of secretive maneuvering behind the scenes. Trump officials have scared a very large number of House and Senate members into resigning, along with a whole bunch of corporate CEOs and heads of various institutions. Not least is this ongoing investigation in child trafficking. Oh, and the collection of sealed indictments is reaching 50,000 now. Nobody wants to talk about when they will all be unsealed, but I’m guessing it has to do with timing factors we simply cannot grasp for our lack of knowledge about the whole background process. Everyone on the nerd forums swears the death of John McCain is not as reported; far from it. He was supposedly caught in the purge and took the easy way out to avoid public shame. I suspect Trump and friends are encouraging this kind of thing with a great many of their targets.

Still, this whole nerd herd leaking chatter is awash in conspiracy legends I know for certain are nonsense. Thus, it’s hard to know how much is sheer manipulation by the Trump team, but at least some of it surely is. I’m still skeptical about a lot of this.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Just a Silly Story 02

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    A paraphrased quote from a mob movie I saw some time ago: “Sooner or later, someone will sing and all this sh*t will collapse.”

    It seems very apropo, especially when you consider how the mob is the political game writ small.


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