War on Revelation 03

Feminists make such terrible mothers because they don’t recognize God’s boundaries. They insist they must mother and smother every human on earth, and never ever let go. Without their divine guidance, the whole world would end very quickly.

They are convinced that their position is manifestly true. All they should have to do is tell you once, maybe even explain a little, but there is no such thing as a different opinion. They deny the notion that personality is locked in at birth, rather like IQ, with a range of possibilities, but with distinct boundaries. For them, humans are endlessly malleable. If you don’t agree with their agenda, you are just being evil and therefore your death is warranted. There is no god above them to decide things; they are the only deities that matter and all men are devils.

How did they come to such an arrogant and privileged conclusion? A critical element in fallen human nature is that we don’t handle prosperity well. With luxury comes decadence. With tough times we are stronger and more virtuous. When things are tight, you can’t afford to be stupid.

We’ve had a century of relative prosperity in the US and it shows in our self-destruction. We note that, in broad terms, feminism has been it’s most pernicious and perverse during that long period of relative wealth. Idleness is the Devil’s workshop. Tough times are coming and folks can sense it, and feminism is taking a beating. The fantasy is burned out.

However, we are not collapsing into a dystopian nightmare. It’s not the end of all civilization, just Western Civilization. Granted, feminists can’t tell the difference, as the West is their baby, the one civilization they raised up right, so to speak. They refuse to understand that what they did with their opportunity was self-destructive. The civilization rising to replace the West is in some ways quite misogynistic, mostly because it is borne on the backs of those that feminists abused most — the social outcasts we think of as nerds and geeks.

The Red Pill lore on manhood is a mixture of basic reality plus a whole lot of dealing with the feminist West. A great many Red Pill men are self-deceived. They have absorbed the Western feminist lie about what is possible for men, so this movement is partly a reaction, an attempt to return to a previous stage of cultural development when, according to their lore, men actually ran things. It’s a fuzzy vision that is only partly accurate.

Meanwhile, there’s a vast army of men who don’t get any part of the Red Pill movement, but they sure as hell aren’t going to put up with feminist nonsense any more. This is the geek culture, social losers who never understood women any better than women understood themselves. Pushed aside, geeks and nerds asserted themselves in the only way they could, and created the online world as a refuge that made better sense to them. That refuge turned out to be the future civilization. It has become the ultimate necessity for the whole human race, and its existence rests squarely on the geeks. This puts them in charge, regardless of whether they or their dependents like it.

It’s no surprise feminists have tried to seize control and shape the online culture. This has blown up in their faces. The one critical factor in shaping the future is computer gaming; almost every child is involved in such gaming or related fields of entertainment. No hit movie franchise survives long without engaging the computer gaming community, but those that do earn billions. It’s not just games but comic books and animated cartoons. As we should expect, feminists have tried to steer the value system in this major industry.

The market is particularly brutal to feminists, who can’t imagine anyone telling them “no.” There are a few captive idiots so desperate for pussy that they’ll play along, but the vast majority of actual consumers will not. So major comic book and gaming houses have been trying satisfy the screeching feminists, but the geeks aren’t buying, and neither are very many of the kiddos. When feminists try to protest, they are confronted with a very abusive response. That shocking backlash is borne of frustration among social outcasts who now run the show. They don’t take well to moral shaming on their own turf.

This battle has spread in all directions into just about every field of commerce. Some will manage to stay neutral, but any place where feminists try to establish a stronghold will come under withering attack. For once, the whole leftist presumption of moral high ground is itself under attack. The bastions of feminist propaganda are under siege and will be starved into submission. A few forts will hold out for a while, but having been provoked, the geek community will not relent. Gamergate was just the start. You should expect all the various branches of the mainstream media to go broke.

The problem for women is they assume feminism is reality. If women cannot step back and see how feminism was actually a diversion from reality, they will suffer a life of shock and dread. The geeks will not rule, but they will dominate the future. As long as geeks are stuck inside the feminist a priori assumptions about reality, it will be harsh and ugly for women. Western feminism has created a monster.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to War on Revelation 03

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Vox Day’s immediate successes with his comic imprint is indicative of the general market getting tired of the didactics…although the Alt-Hero universe is pretty blunt about where it stands politically.

    Marvel and DC has almost endless elitist support, and maybe some lefty people are starting to read more comics…but the core market consumers that just want good art and stories are tuning out and looking elsewhere.


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