War on Revelation 04

Most leftist philosophy is feminism writ large. However, we cannot say this about globalism. Globalism is an elite plot to rule the world and it rests on feminism as the means to control the minds of the population. Globalists will pretend to be feminists in many cases, but too often they have revealed a distinct spite for the feminists who serve them.

Imperialism is the other half of that elite plot. However, it is the domain of Western patriarchs. It seeks to steer the masses through mostly Zionism. The only thing close to genuine biblical politics on the Western spectrum is nationalism. Both the globalists and imperialists are at war with nationalism; it is denounced as the politics of Satan. They call evil good and good evil.

If you analyze the consumer market, you can see that feminists are in trouble. Businesses that adhere to the feminist line on much of anything run the risk of losing sales over the next few years. When those fall, the globalists will be gone from power, as well. The imperialists won’t be far behind for much the same reason, in that Zionism is losing market share.

However, we must live with a Trump ascendancy for the time being. Don’t listen to the globalist propaganda about how vulnerable he is. If even half the wild stuff talked about on the various Trump fan forums is true, Trump already has this war in the bag, but there’s a ways to go, yet. I want you to understand, dear reader, that we are at high risk of seeing martial law. That risk rises if the partisan balance in the House shifts much at all toward the Democrats. Most Democrats aren’t really Democrats, but globalists in disguise, and this is the swamp Trump has decided to drain.

It is internecine war between two sides of a divided elite. The Zionists cannot get what they want if the globalists win, and vice versa. This is do-or-die time for both sides. Take a look at the deep deception pickling both sides; they do not understand how God does business. They do not see how He shapes historical events for His glory. Both sides are guilty of deep idolatry and they have no protection at all from wrath and tribulation. Their whole existence arises from the roots of Western Civilization, and that is going away.

Meanwhile, what you and I will notice first is the way feminists will lose their stranglehold on the system. The market has already turned, and all the big-money bastions of feminism are struggling to stay alive, particularly their traditional homes: MSM and academia at all levels. The gravy train has just about stopped running for them.

The Big Six Media companies are globalist, but they are not inherently leftist. And lest you think Big Tech is in on this, be sure you understand that they are all largely misogynist geeks at heart, but acting like they care because it’s politically necessary. Once that starts to fall away, their true nature will come out. They actually aren’t left or right, but something else entirely. If your mind still clings to the left-right paradigm, you won’t understand it.

Feminists refuse to recognize economic decline. Paradoxically, the masculine job market suffers first in economic turmoil. It’s a market founded on an honest and direct response to market changes, and it tends to be more gradual. Female labor is institutionally protected against market shifts, so women will appear to keep their jobs longer in many places. But when those jobs go away, it will be abrupt as the businesses will collapse completely. Feminism is a luxury the US can no longer afford.

We cannot blame materialism on feminist mythology, but economic irresponsibility is generally a leftist trait. The current burdensome mass of consumer debt is the result of a feminine nest-building instinct writ large. That same habit has crept into government and corporate operations, and we have reached the limits of how much of tomorrow’s prosperity we can spend today. It’s all gone. Western society as a whole simply cannot comprehend belt-tightening. There are still areas of growth and ways to ameliorate the crisis, but they won’t be friendly to feminism. There are a great many tantrums yet to come.

It’s not that extravagance is inherently sinful, but there is a huge difference between the biblical approach to it versus the Western middle class materialist version. Generosity is supposed to grow from faith and the moving of the Spirit of God, not human creature comforts. Westerners have a pernicious habit of substituting reason for faith. But it’s reason that is built on a hideous collection of false assumptions, assumptions that no one wants to discuss. Talking about them means surrendering your sense of control and recognizing that you aren’t in charge of deciding what is good and right in this world.

Don’t get lost here: There is nothing to gain from fighting feminism. It will die on its own. Some of the effects will live on without it, but these effects will become disassociated from it. Nor is this making of feminism some special work of the Devil. The point here is to recognize it as an influence that rejects revelation. It has been the foundation of the West; some other evil will be the foundation of whatever civilization follows the West.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to War on Revelation 04

  1. Iain says:

    This post brought to mind the process used when the corporation I worked for (TT Electronics) closed their Boone, NC plant in 2012. The majority of the machine operators were female, engineers and mechanics male. The first to go were the mid level supervisors, the engineers and then the mechanics. The few who remained were those who could work on multiple machines in different departments, which included me. Were we stretched thin? You betcha. Some of the women who should have been laid off, their machines being crated and sent south of the border, were given “busy work” sweeping floors butl, mainly they sat around gossiping or taking hour long “smoke breaks” . This annoyed me because I was working harder than ever. Every fifteen or so minutes, I would be hailed on the loudspeaker to go fix something before finishing what I was doing which, in turn, would leave the operator to go on yet another “smoke break”. “I’ll be right back” became my mantra. Towards the end, I was begging them to send me home, which they mercifully granted at 10:35am 5/18/12. The final employees to be laid off were the women, our HR managerette took care of her gals, while she unceremoniously shitcanned the guys. She was feminazi to the core.


  2. Iain, sounds dreadful, and I could swap you a couple of stories of men taking care of their own while the women were hung out to dry .. it’s a war of the sexes out there.

    Makes me wonder if that’s to be expected – “out there” I mean.

    Look at it this way – I would think that in a traditional ANE type scenario, within the family home or tribal group, the sexes each have their domains, and don’t step into each other’s realms much. Now, if men from outside the family or tribe were to enter that sphere, the women would be shielded/protected from them by their own menfolk. They’d simply have no need to interact with them. But “out there” in the type of society we have and/or the workplace, women have to deal with men who are neither family or part of the same tribal group. Never mind that feminism tells women they don’t (or shouldn’t) need protection from these men, women are vulnerable and can sense it every moment of every day. It’s biologically inherent. So we’re forced, when “out there” to become tribal, to band together and look after each other.

    Of course it’s all twisted up and nobody really benefits and I’m not trying to excuse their behaviour. But I think women banding together against men is a natural instinct that has a reason for being there.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    I concur, Christine. Instincts do bad things when society is built wrong. We are tribal creatures by nature. The real problem here is making an enemy of someone who wasn’t a threat.


  4. Jay DiNitto says:

    I concur with Christine as well, and she makes a good point that I (and other dudes) don’t experience nearly as often since we’ve ended up with separate mental “protocols”.

    It can’t end up well if, socially, you’re encouraged to do one thing that goes against preservational instincts.


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