Just a Silly Story 03

Couple of tidbits. As always, this stuff is simply the noise I pick up from the fans of Trump and the official leaker, Q. A certain amount of it is guaranteed to be hype, so skepticism and cynicism is in order.

Q claims to have evidence that Clinton’s private mail server wasn’t hacked. It wasn’t necessary because she sold access to anyone who made a large enough donation to her Clinton Foundation. Thus, for example, an agent of the Chinese government in NJ (?) was allowed to receive blind copies of her email traffic on that server, sent right to their own inbox.

I remind you myself that the CIA was a globalist agency from the start; it has never been loyal to US interests. In fact, the CIA is convinced globalism and the subversion/destruction of our system of government is in our national interest. Their unique privileges have been leveraged by the globalists since they were born. And the CIA has been in very active conflict with the US military for quite some time, even as the two are officially working together. So the drama now, real or imagined, is that the primary military agency fighting the CIA is known as INSCOM, and the NSA is apparently now pretty much allied with INSCOM. Between the latter two, they claim to have taken over a handful of very powerful servers and satellites that the CIA had been using to snoop and carry on encrypted communications. This is backed up by alleged complaints from the Five Eyes allied agencies that they’ve lost contact with the CIA over normal channels.

As you might expect, this victory cannot be proved. There are a lot of nerds griping that nothing appears to be happening to the enemies of Trump. The response from Q is that a very large number of senators and representatives have declined to run again, and a few have resigned out right. Also, quite a few corporate CEOs have resigned their jobs. The message is supposed to be that a lot of this stuff is best handled secretly. The “bad guys” are more likely to go along with their defeat if they can keep their public facade. That’s the claim. Thus, Q refuses to dish out the really nasty stuff known about the recently deceased John McCain. Instead, it is hinted that McCain took the easy way out to avoid a very nasty public fight that he would surely lose.

Notice that there is no actual proof backing up any of this stuff right now, though a good bit of it does seem to fit known problems we’ve had in the past.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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9 Responses to Just a Silly Story 03

  1. Wait, are they implying McCain committed suicide? ie faked brain cancer/treatments then offed himself just in the nick of time before this ‘nasty public fight he would surely lose’?


  2. Iain says:

    I like stories but, I have two questions; 1. Where do I find Q, I’ve done searches and can’t find him does Q have a website? 2. Maybe a “duh” question but, who/ what is INSCOM. No need to answer Question 2. I searched it. Unless you want to give me your alt-scuttlebutt.


  3. Iain says:

    PS. I’ve not given you my attaboy lately so here goes K.O.K.O. Bro*
    * Keep On Keeping On; my Grandma’s encourager for me when I was feelin’ blue. It never failed. Grandma is busy making me a handsewn quilt, for my future dwelling place, seeing as her arthritis is gone. There is, in heaven, a plate with a split cathead biscuit, smothered with creamed corn and a 1/2″ thick slab of big boy mater on top, waiting. Oh Lord y’all, that’s some good eatin’ , come on over anytime.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    They are indeed implying that.


  5. Ed Hurst says:

    Q is often styled as “Q-anon” because the forum where most of this chatter happens (8chan) is a place where lots of people post anonymously. One the best places to find a digest of this wild chatter is actually on Reddit. The channel is called Great Awakening. The place where Q actually drops these little messages tends to move around every few months for security reasons.

    INSCOM is far more than just a military intelligence outfit that is largely merged with NSA. A lot of policy is formed there in the sense that, once they become aware of something in terms of what is possible, it tends to influence the range of where the generals start thinking. I seem to recall hearing that the unit was formed as a way of disinfecting the military from the very dangerous and radical globalism of the CIA. The upper ranks of the military has always been either nationalist or Zionist/imperialist.


  6. Ed Hurst says:

    My plate has the same biscuit, but it’s got butter, sausage and gravy under that mater.


  7. Iain or Ed – What is ‘mater’? Or a cat head biscuit?

    Ed – This McCain ‘taking the easy way out’ theory – my, that IS silly. Also, if anyone really buys it, deeply, deeply frightening.

    I think I’ll skip further thought on the matter and go back to my real world – making bread and a batch of wild grape jelly.


  8. Ed Hurst says:

    Mater = tomato in southern speak. Cathead biscuit is homemade from scratch and bigger than a Pillsbury Grands (size of a cat’s head).


  9. Yum – Thanks 🙂


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