War on Revelation 05

We need a lore of truth that becomes our mental reflex. With it we need a body comparisons and contrasts with the current lies. Lies are the nature of this fallen realm of existence. It is not possible to know or tell the truth until you have reconnected with the divine, and that requires seeing life through revelation. We must confront the Flaming Sword to return to Eden.

Eden is not a specific place on earth; it is a condition. It is living in Creation without the fallen nature. This is the Paradise Christ referred to on the Cross when He spoke to the Penitent Thief. It is the part of the Kingdom of Sky (AKA “Heaven”) that our Father made us for, and it for us. To return to Eden we need only nail our fleshly self to the Cross. To fully enjoy Eden we need to die so we can eat from the Tree of Life.

Our current existence is halfway between the two. We live in the moral realm — still under the Curse of the Fall, but not owned by it. We are freed from the dominion of Satan and enjoying the promised shalom or our Lord and His covenant.

Take a moment to skim through Galatians 2. There you will see Paul talking about “the law.” This is a reference to the Talmud, not the written Law of Moses. The Talmud is what Jesus called “traditions of the elders,” and which He called lies. They arose from men reading the Law but with a foreign intellectual approach — Hellenism. Their legalism was by no means the standard result of reading the Scripture from a genuine ancient Hebrew perspective. Jesus taught the Scripture from a Hebrew point of view, calling His nation back to the ancient truth. He pointed out how the man-made traditions of “oral law” was a contradiction. The Jewish leaders of His day had made a god of their “oral law” and it was not the God of the Covenant.

So when the Rich Young Ruler asked Jesus how to gain eternal life — how to return to the Tree of Life — Jesus pointed to the written Law of Moses, not the Talmud. When the man protested that this was not the whole answer, Jesus pointed to the truth beyond the words of the Law. In other words, He pointed out that the Law was a path to the truth. It was meant to lay the groundwork for building a mind that recognized the divine character of Jehovah. This is what would have compelled the young man to abandon his worldly advantages and seek the moral truth of a higher realm of existence. He needed to experience life in Creation without all the worldly protections that kept him blind to what God said mattered most.

Time and time again, the question of finding salvation or eternal life was answered in the New Testament as a matter of turning to the Scriptures, the written Law of Moses as it was intended. This is what Jesus taught. Do you see how modern Western evangelical religion constantly reverses things? When the Bible points to eternity, evangelicals say it applies to this life. And when the Scripture addresses this life, they say it points to eternity. It’s no wonder they don’t understand how we should think about what the Bible says.

Creation is not fallen; we are. The problem is not that our world is a threat, but that it is without our management. And it’s without our management because we are under the Curse. In the Garden we forsook the proper eternal life lived in divine power by revelation. We listened to the Devil’s lie and rejected God’s revelation; we chose to live by our own faculties, our senses and reason. We left behind the direct communion with Creation and no longer understood what was and how it worked. The remedy is to get out of this fallen condition, and that means leaving our fleshly existence.

We are granted in this life the chance to experience a reawakening of our divine nature. We do that first by moving our conscious awareness from the intellect and into the heart, the part of us God designed to handle His revelation. And then we embrace that revelation by making a commitment (“faith”) to God as revealed in His Covenant in Christ.

This means we stay in this fallen existence, but with a reawakened awareness of God’s character and direct communion with the rest of Creation. We then serve in that fashion until He calls us out of this existence, or He returns and burns away the fallen existence. Then Eden is restored. Time and space don’t go away; they become variables we can manipulate easily from our heavenly existence. We are no longer confined by time and space, but become masters of them. We shed the frailty and blindness of our mortal existence.

That’s what the Bible means in the terms eternal life, Paradise, going to Heaven. It’s not like we leave this three dimensional realm and go to an entirely different realm in four dimensions; those are the mythology of minds trapped in the flesh. The only thing wrong with Creation — the natural world around us — is poor management. When Christ returns, He will restore it to the condition of Eden. It won’t change fundamentally; we will change fundamentally back to what it has been all along, waiting for us to come back.

During our time waiting in this life, we live a heart-led existence that serves to demonstrate clearly that this life is a lie and is death. We live a life that restores the lordship of God over our lives, as it says there at the end of Galatians 2. The fleshly self is no longer in charge; it is a servant to Christ.

Think like that; live it.

For this commandment which I command you today is not hidden from you, neither is it far off… But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, so that you may do it. (Deuteronomy 30:11 & 14 MKJV)

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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  1. There’s always so much to learn from your posts. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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