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Biblical Morals: Constitution and Treason

This is a response to an off-line query. In order to understand questions of what is or is not treasonous, you have to take the whole context of the US Constitution. It’s a very well written attempt to promote a … Continue reading

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Just a Silly Story 09

Q sends out a warning: The major social media services are planning to censor Trump and his supporters en masse sometime before the November mid-term elections. After recent events, I don’t find that hard to believe. If you want to … Continue reading

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Teachings of Jesus — Matthew 23:16-22

The Scribes and Pharisees didn’t actually instigate rebellion against Roman rule, not least because Rome permitted them to oppress their own people. One of the best kept secrets is that when Jewish rabbis talk about “freedom of religion,” it’s a … Continue reading

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Activate the Nodes

Just a short reminder: Reception of the truth into the mind from the heart uses the same part of the brain where the imagination is found. We could say it’s all in the wiring. Your heart addresses the mind in … Continue reading

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Rejoice with Us!

Here’s something the mainstream church has gotten wrong over the centuries: We should never seek to cultivate the approval of outsiders. Granted, I can easily find a lot of church folks echoing that sentiment, but when pastors stop posting resumes, … Continue reading

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Random Photos 05

I’ve been trying to ride a little harder this past week, so I’ve taken fewer photos. These three are the best of a bunch that just wasn’t that good. Our first image is the North Canadian River at Midwest Boulevard … Continue reading

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Just a Silly Story 08

Someone on 4chan claims to have baited Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti. A woman convinced him she had serious evidence that she had committed a sex act with three men at once, and one of them was Kavanaugh. Avenatti promised … Continue reading

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