Just a Silly Story 04

This stuff is almost as entertaining as a good spy novel. Let me return to the part in the story where the CIA lost control of some servers and satellites.

The mainframe servers were named Snow White 1-7, each with an AI reflecting the personalities of the Seven Dwarves. They were used in forums to attack supporters of Trump and Q, trying to make people question things. Further, the attacks were specifically designed to affect the indexing of any search engines to reduce the interest in these forums. And much more, but that’s the gist of it.

So after losing their servers, the CIA tried to shut down the forums where all this Q chatter was taking place, but the NSA activated defenses and it all was wasted effort.

The satellites were named Corona with various numbers. These were used to tap communications on more-or-less public channels, plus handle encrypted communications for the CIA on other channels. The CIA is globalist; so are the spying agencies of our Five Eyes allies (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK). They were all plotting against their own populations. Thus, the others would spy on the US and pass all their intel to the CIA. And this pattern held with each country spying on their own people indirectly. Technically legal, but evil.

Another satellite was called Big Bird 9, a surveillance satellite. Someone in the nerd herd notes that taking over this one allows Trump’s allies in the military and NSA to move things around without being spotted from the sky. Now the CIA cannot snoop on Trump’s actions so easily; they are forced to work through other means. This other means includes some small aircraft designed to do more or less what the satellites did, but it’s much more expensive and risky. Using people on the ground takes them away from other surveillance work.

Meanwhile, Clinton and friends are forced to resort to very strange measures, like trying to set up a highly secure conference facility (SCIF = Secure Compartmental Information Facility, higher than Top Secret clearance) in a hotel, of all places, so they can all meet face to face. This was at McCain’s funeral. They know the NSA is tapping every means of communication they have. Q dropped hints indicating some of his people have been inside this impromptu SCIF meeting area to make the cabal paranoid. It’s a sort of “we can hear you breathing” type of thing.

On another line of discussion, it is alleged that some of the nefarious deeds of the globalists actually do fall under the jurisdiction of military tribunals. Further, it is alleged that the Clintons tried to make a deal and were turned down. Instead, they were forced to accept some restrictions on their activities. Q goes on to claim that the same stuff has happened to a very large number of former Obama lackeys. This is the prelude to opening that 50K sealed indictments meant to clean house in DC.

Meanwhile, the MSM are being suckered into supporting Trump’s sleeper agents. For example, it’s been reported that Trump is fussing with his Attorney General Pete Sessions. That’s just play acting. At some point Sessions will rise up and take the bad guys down hard when they least expect it. In this case, the MSM is reporting a bunch of fake polling data for their stories. They are trying to build a fake majority opinion against Trump and in support of anyone who seems to oppose him.

And Trump allowed his personal lawyer’s office to be raided so there will be no pushback later when the DOJ orders similar raids on the cabal lawyers. Everything Trump’s crew endures will eventually be mirrored on the opposition. This plays into the Alice in Wonderland imagery so popular with the Q nerds. A lot of what appears to be aimed at Trump is secretly aimed at Clinton and friends.

There is also a reference to Trump declaring in an Executive Order that September is a crisis preparedness month. All the nerds insist this is a very plain warning that crazy stuff can happen during and especially after September. According to Q’s predictions, the indictments should be unsealed in October. Notice that this would be during peak campaign time for the November mid-term elections.

As always, skepticism and cynicism is in order when reading these silly stories. Also, keep in mind the Q has admitted some of this is fiction just to confuse the opposition. The nerds have been told to get used to it.

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to Just a Silly Story 04

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    I love this stuff. Political intrigue is a weak spot in my fiction writing, so when I come across it, it’s kind of mysterious to me.

    Even if not 100% true, which it definitely isn’t, that doesn’t mean there’s not something going on between the two (or more) factions.


  2. I’m getting the hang of this now –

    Sessions isn’t really the Keebler Elf (as MSM would have it), he is actually Mr. Snuffleupagus to Trump’s Big Bird.

    The Clintons are Boris Badeboff & Natasha Fatale.

    And it all hits the fan just in time for November’s mid-terms – or Hallowe’en if you believe the Satanist angle.

    What fun!


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    As Jay suggests, I’m sure there is some truth to this stuff.


  4. . C Bay Q.C. says:

    I believe the U.S. government HAS classified data it does not want the average person to be privy to.
    Exactly for this reason. People run amok with conspiracy theories. Ron Hubbard, (Scientologists), have their indoctrinates believe in aliens controlling them from three feet behind their heads. Speak into the tin can, please. That said, I suppose anything is possible, if not probable. Check out the pink monster discovered on a close-by lake on my website:)


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