Stand Faithful on the Rock

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the world’s rulers, of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12 MKJV)

Our mission is not to change the world, but to witness to God’s power and glory as He changes the world according to His inscrutable will. The demons are still under His authority, sent as servants of wrath against sin. The Devil is permitted to consume the lives of those who reject the revelation of God. All the mad plotting in this world is merely a reflection of Satan’s power. We don’t have to defeat Satan in this world, only in our own souls.

But I am convinced it helps us understand how to defeat Satan in our own souls if we know how he works among the fools of this world. The basic pattern was established at the Tower of Babel. God requires us to disperse across the globe and live in small tribal communities, feudal covenant nations. This is how He designed us and Creation, and this is the pattern of how we claim His promises for life outside of Eden. It should surprise no one that a primary tool of Satan is any number of religions that recreate the situation in Babylon I.

The modern Western notion of all humanity together in a cosmopolitan global society is from the Devil. This must be the hardest thing for Western minds to accept, because we hear the same vain dream repeated in churches. God has commanded us to disperse, not unite in one society, not even “under Christ.” Christ would not command anything contrary to His Father’s revelation. Churches are meant to be small communities that recreate that feudal covenant nation pattern on this earth. We can be at peace with other churches on that basis, but by no means should be pretend that churches could share the same governing hierarchy. That notion is from Satan.

We are not surprised, though, when secular society clings to this ancient deception. Babylon is fallen, but it keeps slipping back into the minds of dreamers who reject the gospel message. We are at the end of Western Civilization. It is dying primarily because it has edged closer and closer to the Tower of Babel. Once again the false dream arises like a religion, seeking that mythical nonexistent gate into the heavens. Today’s globalist agenda is a false religion, and idolatrous pursuit of things that could never be.

Again, we don’t have to stop this madness. God will take care of that. We should recognize it for what it is and denounce it with prophetic fervor. You cannot choose righteousness for anyone else, only yourself. Whom the Lord moves using our prophetic message is entirely in His hands. It is not mere words, but a whole lifestyle based on Eden that is our witness and our prophetic message. Walk in shalom, for this is what shouts the truth to the world.

This article will help you understand: “Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance.” Google is a globalist entity, as is the CIA. Granted, the NSA was involved, and is it’s own evil, but it’s a different agenda based on imperialism and Zionism. The focus here is globalism; this is the time of God’s wrath on globalist idolatry.

It helps if you understand that neither the CIA nor Google are monolithic globalist entities. Rather, the leadership and a great many employees are committed to this evil agenda in different ways, just as it would be in any other mass human movement. Not everyone in the globalist religion bows down at a literal altar, though some do. There are some globalist leaders who worship Satan and engage in foul and even murderous rituals. Not everyone involved knows that, much less do they participate. The point is to realize that the potential for evil includes taking things that far. The vast majority of people serving Satan have no idea they do so, and live pretty ordinary lives.

So don’t believe the nonsense that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is some secret grandson of the Rockefellers (a popular myth). He’s an ordinary middle class dweeb who was sucked into this thing because his rather brilliant idea serves a Satanic purpose. You’ll notice he struggles to keep up with the globalist plotters who actually know what’s going on.

So the CIA has served as the infrastructure for globalist control over the US government. The Clintons, Bushes, and more recently Obama, have all served this Satanic religion of Babylon, along with all their varied minions. Each participant has their own style, but the net result is about the same. This massive snooping and control of the Internet via Google is part of that agenda. There’s no way we can avoid using Google for at least some of our activities. And some of you actually should be on Facebook if God calls you that way. There’s nothing to gain from being paranoid and trying to boycott everything because that would mean not using the Internet at all. Without the Internet, there would be no Radix Fidem or Kiln of the Soul virtual parish.

But we are watching as Trump serves as the figurehead for a different cabal serving a different false god, and their attack on the globalists. This is a very nasty war, with dirty fighting throughout. It involves all sorts of secrecy and high technology and there’s already been some bloodshed, as well. It’s not easy uprooting deeply entrenched partisans who control a significant portion of our nation’s infrastructure, including military weapons and equipment. On top of this, a great many ordinary people support what little they understand of the deeper agenda. But as near as I can tell, the imperialists will win this war, and it will bring some rather serious crises into our lives. Still, it will be glorious for Trump and his allies.

Consistent with His Word and His promises, the Lord will deal with Trump and friends in due time.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Stand Faithful on the Rock

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    ‘God has commanded us to disperse, not unite in one society, not even “under Christ.”’

    Strange (though I shouldn’t be surprised) that this got flipped on its head, like Babylon could be “redeemed” by slapping a Jesus sticker on it. Human behavior doesn’t work that way!


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