Can You Imagine?

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

There are a handful of people who claim to have survived the mind-control programs of the CIA and other government and private agencies. There are also a handful of insiders who claim to have turned against their former commitments and now expose the awful things they know about.

These are not normal people. I realize that raises the question of what defines “normal” but let’s put that aside for a moment and recognize that the average nobody in our world tends to a lot closer to normal than these alleged escapees of programs with nightmarish features and nightmarish ends. When typical humans are exposed to demonic insanity, no one should be surprised at how it warps them. The perpetrators are most assuredly warped.

I’ve seen what harmless clinical hypnosis can make people do. Some experiments show them becoming willing assassins with no memory of the deed. How does that affect your understanding of the crazies arrested after murdering one or more people? If rather ordinary folks can be manipulated that way so easily, should we be surprised when someone who has been through the ringer on torture and abuse would struggle to remember some of the crazy shit done to them? As it is, any number of us could experience the same event together and no two of us would remember it the same.

You can look up Cathy O’Brien and some of the crazier things she has said. If there is any truth at all to what she claims, we should expect a lot of stuff making no sense at all to us. Feel free to discard what you can’t process. That’s the same ethic I use for myself; you aren’t obliged to buy into my narrative. But if God moves you to read my stuff, it is your duty to Him to hear some of what I say and discuss it with Him. Just the same, pray about what Cathy O’Brien has to say. Don’t buy every word, but hear the underlying message:

So why do I mention her? What’s the point for us? I certainly don’t endorse her call for action and agitating to change the laws. It’s not that she’s wrong, but it’s simply beside the point for us. What I hope is that you’ll become aware of just how deep the evil goes. I want you to find it hard to ignore just how clearly Satan’s hand prints are all over this.

I want you to stop believing the lies the mainstream world tells. I want to shake you loose from being a mainstreamer. It’s not necessary to buy into another variation within the mainstream — such as most evangelical churches represent — but to break away completely. The heart-led moral outlook is radically different from all of that.

Not every politician, CIA agent, nor even every globalist is demonized like this. But the agencies are generally run for the benefit of Satan’s grip on the souls of the fallen, and some of the folks running things are most assuredly witting agents of Hell. Efforts to avoid knowing about this stuff will inevitably leave gaps in your spiritual armor. You don’t have to dig deep into all the details, but you should be aware of just how crazy that dark world is. More importantly, you need to see just how close it is to us.

Quick reminder: Reality is not a thing we can pin down and study. Reality is a person you get to know like any other person. Reality treats each of us just a little differently. Cathy O’Brien’s reality is just as feasible as yours and mine.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Can You Imagine?

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    I’ve always maintained, since college, that media (television, mostly) is mainly mass hypnosis, in that it presents a certain experience of reality. All my media professors said as much, and some of them went so far to admit that this perceived reality can be in direct conflict with our own surroundings. You can see how that can cause some mental conflicts within people. A common analogy was that watching television was no different than laying back and letting someone inject a sedative into your neck.

    Maybe ironically, the only value television really has is entertainment, but even then if we’re not on guard (or even if we are), it can affect us in ways we can’t control. As a corollary, I’ve also maintained that fiction, in any medium, has the means to communicate important truths better than any news program, but the concept has been abused just as much as any other genre.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Amen, Jay. This exposes the nonsense of trusting MSM. Not only is the concept of “objective reality” dubious in the first place, but hardly anybody has been trying to find it anyway.


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