Just a Silly Story 05

I’ve long said Alex Jones and Infowars represent a pro-Israel controlled opposition. Thus, Jones often says stuff that is accurate, but then mixes in a bunch of crap. Not long ago he insisted that he had spoken to Q and knew who it was. Q denied this and explained the principles of operation for the official leaks — Q speaks to nobody except professional associates and Trump (Trump, by the way, is styled “Q+”). Meanwhile, Jones continues to loudly support Trump, but much of his chatter conflicts with what Q says.

So when Jones was bumped off several different Big Tech services and started whining about censorship, it diverted an awful lot of attention. This came at the same time all the different news outlets started attacking Q and saying it was just a cult. All the while, various shills for the globalists continue to attack Trump and Q and Jones as if it were all one thing, repeatedly linking them despite loud protestations from Q’s nerds that they are no friend of Jones.

Nobody is in favor of Jones’ censorship. Let the idiot talk and let him fool anyone silly enough to believe his crap. He’s making a good living. But part of his stupidity includes a writer named Jerome Corsi. Corsi has joined the chorus attempting to defame Q and the nerds.

Turns out Corsi was long ago unmasked as an agent of Mossad. And he works with Jones a lot. Corsi is linked to Free Speech Systems, LLC, also pegged as a front for Mossad. Free Speech Systems in turn is affiliated with Jones. It should be obvious we can consider Jones another Mossad agent.

By the way, Corsi was involved in an infamous fraud that ripped off numerous investors in Minnesota to the tune of a million dollars. The FBI refused to investigate, and that’s par for the course when it involves Mossad.

Here’s what surprised me: Lots of Q nerds have no love for Israel. More than one of them quoted an earlier message from Q about “saving Israel for last.” I’m not too sure about that, because too often Q vividly supports the military action that is nothing more than Israel’s dirty work. I’m not sure what to make of all that, since Trump compromised in a dirty deal with Zionists before he was elected.

Anyway, Corsi is testifying before Mueller today as the latter continues his bogus investigation of Trump’s alleged Russian connections.

In related bits and pieces, Trump’s TV Network channel was removed from YouTube, another case of censorship. And the Q nerds are making a big deal out of a brief exchange between Kavanaugh and Senator Graham during the hearing on whether Kavanaugh is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. The exchange was a matter of law: If US citizens can be charged with treason, could they be made to stand before a military tribunal? Yep. So if any of the globalists are charged with treason…

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