Just a Silly Story 06

The Q nerds claim the following.

1. In a few days the President will order declassification of the FISA warrant papers that were used to justify spying on him. The objective is to clarify who was responsible for making that decision and on what grounds. It is intended to show conclusively that the whole Trump-Russia thing was based on lies, and that the folks involved knew they were lies. This should serve to obliterate the support for keeping Mueller’s investigation going.

2. You should be aware that Flynn was the head of Military Intelligence during Obama’s Administration. During that time, a significant number of generals and admirals were dismissed because they refused to pledge loyalty to Obama if he should call for martial law. This was about the same time a military coup was being planned. Of course, there was no way to remove the thousands of key military folks who supported those fired generals, so they simply put their coup on hold and kept track of everything happening via their NSA connections.

At some point, this community of military folks approached Trump about running for President. He agreed on the grounds they would prevent vote tampering. They delivered. All the predictions of Clinton’s victory were based on the assumption that the vote hacking would succeed, but the Military Intelligence community hindered that tampering.

Flynn knows all of this and has actual evidence. Mueller went after him for what should be obvious reasons. However, the Mueller team failed to account for something: They don’t actually control the legal process. It has to follow certain rules and plenty of DoJ folks are looking over their shoulders to make sure it’s all legal. Once Flynn was charged, he was offered the standard plea agreement stuff that included a solemn vow that he would report all evidence of any crimes he knew about. He’s been introducing all that evidence into the record. Mueller either has to investigate or turn it over to someone higher up the chain to investigate; he can’t sit on it or try to erase it all. The number of sealed indictments has exploded since Flynn’s plea agreement was signed this last spring, and his case keeps getting delayed.

3. Awhile back the federal government announced plans for an emergency message system to the public based on cellphone texting. But for roughly a year, nothing has come of it. Now it’s being implemented, and the timing is noteworthy. According to the scuttlebutt, all those sealed indictments will be opened in October sometime. Actual arrests will commence the first week of November. You would naturally expect the globalists to stir up riots over this, since it’s aimed at their people. It will surely require some measures of martial law, and this alert system will ensure the President’s side of the story gets through, without all the smothering fake news from the MSM.

4. The Alex Jones censorship scandal was cooked up to set the precedent for encouraging a public acceptance of silencing anti-globalists. Jones portrays himself as a kook with marginal support at best. He’s the top of a slippery slope by which Big Tech, a branch of the globalist cabal, can justify shutting down Q and the nerd herd supporting Trump. This much should be obvious to anyone, so it’s not just a wild conspiracy theory.

At the same time, Jones has been trying to infiltrate the nerd patriot community. He provoked his own censorship because he’s an opportunist whose only limits are that he must protect Zionism. The nerd herd is generally anti-Zionist; they are mostly nationalist in sympathies, not imperialists like Jones. This is one big complicate mess.

By the way, Corsi is trying to bail on testifying before Mueller’s grand jury. He’s trying to negotiate a private interview. Either way, if Corsi tells the truth about himself and Jones as agents of a foreign intelligence agency, it serves to justify leftist censorship of the right. Q and the nerd herd gets tarred with the same brush as Corsi and Jones.


Most of this cannot be proved, though it does match some of what I already know. I’ve had a lot of close friends in Military Intelligence. They never spilled anything that mattered, but they sure had a lot to say about things that weren’t secret, just not well known. The probability of a military coup was something I knew a long time ago. Had Clinton won, I would have been willing to join their cause.

As it is, the Lord is faithful and keeps His word. I was convinced the apocalypse was pushed aside in favor of a more bearable tribulation, in part because we began teaching the heart-led way, though surely for other reasons we could never grasp. That’s just it — God could reveal a lot more, but we wouldn’t know what to do with it. Instead, we are granted insight into the few things we can handle. God is merciful.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to Just a Silly Story 06

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “but the Military Intelligence community hindered that tampering.”

    Just curious: what power would military have in preventing tampering? Or was it a matter of the right military folks having connections inside the voting tech people?

    That coup, if Clinton won, would’ve been something. The narrative, and most everyone, expected her to win, so the coup would have been a shock to the public, I think.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    Keep in mind that Q is supposedly working in tandem with the NSA, and the vote tampering was mostly a matter of hacking electronic voting machines. No other details are provided, but your supposition of having enough military agents in the right places, via Reserves and National Guard, would likely apply.


  3. Iain says:

    I’ve been waiting for number 1 to happen, from what little of current events that seeps through my news block it seemed if Trump was in the clear, then declassify and it goes away. My guess has been he’s waiting for his enemies to walk into an ambush and of course he needs to gain at the mid-terms to become unassailable.


  4. Ed Hurst says:

    Everybody is holding their breath on that one, Iain. I think the ambush comes later; right now he wants them to squirm like a worm on the hook.


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