Just an Aside

Just because I’m not involved doesn’t mean I can’t pick out who’s lying for the sake of fame and money. This is just my personal viewpoint and I’ll try to keep this simple.

First, the executive summary: Some profiteers have tried to infiltrate the Q nerd herd. They are trying to steer things in favor of their websites, where they require an extensive amount of personal information to join some group. Their intent is to hijack the discussion and try to make money off the profiling and marketing. They’ve been called out on this and have taken offense. So they’ve been attacking the whole thing using proxies — folks who pretend to be part of this autistic nerd herd. It’s an ugly fight and Q has joined in by exposing some of them.

Now for the slightly longer explanation.

The vast majority of Americans have no background in critical analysis. It’s not a special talent; anyone can pick it up. I’ve been taught it and I’ve taught it to others. It does require ditching a lot of baggage, to include a mass of social conditioning. The average Joe Sixpack has been trained to look for a leader he can trust. That’s a different question from learning to think for yourself and making your own decisions. Just as a reminder, one of the three pillars of mysticism is that we don’t even trust ourselves. And Radix Fidem includes a big dose of making your own decisions by following your convictions. Leadership for us is a question of fellowship and organization, not so much doctrine and belief.

For example, when John the Baptist was preaching down by the Jordan River, before Jesus showed up to validate John’s ministry, this whole thing was getting a lot of notice. People came down from Jerusalem and other places to check out this wild prophet dressed like Elijah. Because of the wide respect John had gained, some of the Pharisees got in line to get baptized as a way of getting another gold star on their public reputation. John told them to get lost until they actually repented from some of their gross sins. He was unwilling to have his message fouled by associating with their approval.

We have a large number of modern American Pharisees trying to grab a piece of the action. They’ve been at it for quite awhile. Their operations on the Internet and their brand names go way back into the very beginning of the Net. They were trying to make money from the surging patriot resistance to the secretive globalist government. For the folks still alive now, the globalist conspiracy goes back at least to the time of LBJ’s complicity in murdering JFK. That’s when the awareness was awakened for a broad audience. Regan fooled most of them, but the first Bush rubbed them the wrong way. Since then, there’s been a patriot underground looking for ways to uncover the evil. There had always been a small market for conspiracy theories since JFK, but it exploded during Bush I’s administration. The problem was in getting accurate data on the nature and extent of the evil, and who was involved.

The evil folks spotted this opportunity and planted their own controlled opposition. But there were multiple parties among those evil folks, and so the paid agitators took on different flavors, and each of their markets grew. These folks were liars and knew it. Alongside them were folks who were more or less honest believers in some of the flavors of propaganda who built rather large operations on the Net that made a nice living. Their more successful businesses became a haven for some of the liars who couldn’t make it on their own. Thus came into existence large groups of affiliates with mixed fellowships of liars and true believers, and plenty of folks who didn’t give a damn about anything but the money. The primary market was Baby Boomers, but it swept in other generations of folks tired of the increasingly obvious lies.

There were plenty of real conspiracies and even more theories about them. Competing theories were used to distract from the real conspiracies, but for reasons hard to explain, the competence of those trying to hide the conspiracies was very weak. Thus, the conspiracies became too obvious. Folks might have a hundred different theories about what really happened, but it was painfully obvious whatever happened wasn’t what the government said happened. And there were a large number of very stupidly executed events that were too public and nobody trusted the government except the very worst fools. Thus, the business of researching and reporting on government lies exploded still more.

So now we have a very strong contingent of folks who tend to exhibit traits along the autism spectrum, but without the shyness, because they are now in their own element. The Internet is amenable to people who suffer from poor social skills. The Net is it’s own society with wholly different rules, so the social skills are totally different. These semi-autistic nerds can spot these profiteers and gleefully expose them. It’s the cheering crowd of spectators who are confused. A lot those spectators still carry the baggage of associating certain conservative mouthpieces as worthy of trust.

Q endorses Sean Hannity. Maybe all that means is that Hannity knows his market, but it’s working for now. Rush Limbaugh is too independent to just jump on board, but does report positively about Q’s stuff. There are others of that stripe who aren’t a problem for Q’s audience. Then there’s Jerome Corsi and the whole WorldNetDaily network that have been outed as folks attempting to hijack the Q-anon discussion. They are profiteers at best, and Zionist crooks in effect. Another bad guy is Jack Posobiec who has caused some trouble. I could get lost real quick trying to name names beyond that. Some folks have tried to promote some websites which claim to support Trump, but then fight with Q. That doesn’t fly; Q is most assuredly the faithful voice of Trump. Q represents the vast corps of military and intelligence folks who make Trump’s presidency possible, who are taking down the globalist cabal and doing all the hard work we don’t get to see.

I still worry whether Trump will keep his own separate bargain with the Zionists later down the road. It’s also painfully obvious that Q represents a strong imperialist bent. I want to remind you that Zionists and imperialists overlap, but it’s not the same agenda. They use each other as allies for now. Both of them share the vast horde of conscripts who operate under the name of “conservatism.” Part of being conservative means playing by the rules, but nobody else does. Thus, conservatives reliably lose in politics. But Trump isn’t primarily a conservative, so he’s not beholden to those self-hobbling habits. He’s willing to fight dirty and nobody owns him, but he is open to deal-making with a lot of different folks.

Either way, I’m not a fan of Trump and I’m still convinced America is doomed for all the reasons already offered. But watching what he’s doing is important for us; it allows us to be ready for future events.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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