Alongside the Silly Stories

A video leaked yesterday demonstrating most emphatically that Google’s management planned ways to undermine Trump’s presidency. It was by any definition plotting an unarmed revolution, weaponizing the Internet and all of Google’s tools of power and influence over what people see. The video was loaded with the arrogance of these bigshots against the very real wishes of the majority of voters. It’s one thing to know about such attitudes; it’s another to see the spiteful expressions up close and personal.

This is the face of Big Tech. Overnight Tuesday-Wednesday, Reddit shut down all of the various subreddits in support of Trump and Q. What Reddit wants to hide from everyone is that there were several million registered users, never mind unregistered visitors like myself.

Reddit is a common and very popular forum for such things, so this action really clamps down on the exposure of Trump and Q related discussion. While the operations were moved to another service (Voat), it’s going to be quite a while before that huge audience can reassemble there. Worse, it was clear yesterday that Voat was struggling to handle the load of just a few thousand users.

(Update: Perhaps the better choice at Voat is this link. There is a spat going on at Voat and I’m not too sure who the good guys are. The Q team is struggling to make the transition and it’s chaotic. Feel free to test them both for your own taste.)

We have some insider noise suggesting Twitter will perform another wave of shutdowns to match this. Facebook has already announced plans to execute the same kind of censorship, but they are taking their time about it. It need not be collusion, since it’s clear the standard techie leftist orientation was established long ago. There never was any intent to play by the rules of civil discourse. Now it’s just naked oppression by any means available. The left presumes the right will play by certain rules, but have given zero thought to the selection of rules that can be used against them in response to this hateful behavior.

Try to understand: This is the nature of the left we are seeing here. It’s the nature of the right to establish the rules and expect everyone to play by them. When the left cheats, the right typically fails to take any useful action. So the right has been steadily losing over the past few decades, despite overwhelming numerical superiority among voters. Even when the right controls Congress, they don’t have the stomach to push through their agenda against the spiteful and cheating behavior of the lefties.

That is, the leadership of the right won’t do it. What this does is force the right-wing populace to react with the kind of force that takes no more guff. This is why we’ve seen such horrific right-wing crackdowns around the world in recent history. The left cheats and the right is too nice until it gets downright dangerous. Then the right snaps and destroys everything.

This business of Q and the nerd army is an attempt to take action by the rules, to restore a strong will to act before violence is the only choice left. We see Trump proposing and planning to take actions no previous political insider ever would. This is laudable in context, but we have to wonder what comes after the leftists and globalists are destroyed? Already we see an awful lot of activity among the Zionists and imperialists to place themselves in the public eye as the inheritors of the functional majority of voters.

Meanwhile, if you are longing to see the FISA papers declassified, it probably won’t be until after Kavanagh is confirmed as the new Supreme Court Justice. That looks like around the 20th of September. Congress is slow like that. So is the rest of the Washington bureaucracy, but we know that AG Pete Sessions is looking into antitrust actions against the Big Tech firms. That should be entertaining, but the implications could be destructive in the long run.

Again: For us here on this blog, a lot depends on whether someone notices us, and then decides that we are a problem. Naturally, you realize that both those steps can come simultaneously. Right this moment, it’s unlikely. Once some of this cyber- and info-warfare bears its first fruits, it’s much more likely the Zionists will rampage against their enemies, and that will be a threat to us. There’s no way we can estimate when that campaign will kick off in earnest.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Alongside the Silly Stories

  1. Iain says:

    I would gladly euthanize any/all of these jokers and sleep the happy sleep of the just. Bastards, come on down into the holler and tell my people how you demand we live.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    I cannot promise that it won’t come to that, Iain; not by my intellect nor by my prophetic insight.


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