Taste the Powers

The world at large has no advantage over us.

Try to understand: The core of what makes us truly alive in this world is that heart-led connection to Creation. But it is also our connection to the Creator. Once you begin to understand reality in moral terms, and that reality is a living, moral servant of God, then you stand in the place to see what truly matters.

And with this connection to the Holy Spirit, you are in a position to reclaim all the gifts God has given you. You can pray and make the most audacious requests simply because they are useful to your divine calling. The secrets men hide from each other? You’ll know them on a level mere men of flesh cannot grasp, and no man can hide it from you. And in the moment of dire need, you’ll always have the revelation of words to say and actions to take that give God the greatest glory.

Nothing on this earth can hinder you as long as You serve His glory.

But the best part is the power to walk in the Lord’s righteousness. No amount of fleshly discipline can match the power of the heart to quell the whining of the flesh. No, the yearning doesn’t die, but it no longer has the power to drag you into sin. You can say “no.”

The most difficult thing is simply unlearning how to think with only your reason. The brain does know how to submit to the heart, but it has to unlearn the arrogance of refusing to do so. Your heart knows what’s right already, but your brain goes into shock having to absorb it. There is no real secret here; you simply have to get it registered in your brain that this is the truth of how we are designed to work.

Learn to dig into your conscience and listen to it. See your conscience as an interface, a connection, not the heart itself. Don’t be surprised when your conscience changes, because it has not been allowed to connect directly to your convictions very much. Get used to trusting that connection. Get used to the idea that what you see and can reason out simply is not the truth, but a very poor shadow of what’s real.

Yes, initially it creates inner turmoil. It will also shake up all your worldly relations. That’s what happens when you seek the Creator’s mastery in your life. It’s not that you’ll judge people, but you’ll discern influences and conditions that are harmful to your mission and calling. Indeed, your concept of your mission and calling will likely change. This is an adventure into God’s truth.

Taste the powers of the Age to Come (Hebrews 6:5); you’ll never settle again for anything less.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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