Just a Silly Story 07

In the next week or so, Trump and Q say Kavanagh will be confirmed as Supreme Court Justice. Most of what you read or hear is just noise; the whole resistance will fall apart.

Meanwhile, Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller will be forced to resign, or be fired. There will be some drama over Trump’s order to declassify a bunch of documents; they won’t be released overnight. Rosenstein is trying to avoid the ax, but Trump refuses to confer with him privately. He will either release those documents or be fired for insubordination. The documents will show that Rosenstein participated in knowingly lying to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) on the warrant application to spy on Carter Page. Spying on Carter Page meant spying on the whole White House staff. The documents will also show Rostenstein continued in the cover-up of those lies.

Mueller will be done because his whole mission as Special Counsel rests on those same lies, and Rosenstein commissioned him to pursue the bogus investigation. It’s a perversion of justice and waste of taxpayer money. It was a fraud for purely partisan political reasons.

AG Pete Sessions has been in touch with the Supreme Court privately about rescinding his recusal from some of that case. Meanwhile, Sessions and one of his deputies, John Huber, have been meeting lately. Q’s army speculates that this indicates Huber is wrapping up his grand jury investigation and is about ready to unseal some of those 52,000 indictments. That will be a very big job, and could easily consume the whole month of October, should that be when things get started. This is what Q predicted last year would be the timing this year.

A number of Democratic Party bigwigs are complaining on Twitter that Trump has gone mad based on his order to declassify “national security information.” So far as anyone can tell, every one of them has either leaked secrets directly, or brought uncleared people into high security information storage areas. Hypocrisy in politics shouldn’t surprise anyone.

If this stuff actually starts happening, the indictments in particular, I would be highly surprised if there weren’t riots or other public disorder. Be watchful, folks.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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