The Cult of SJW 01

If you can’t handle strong words, don’t read this. From time to time we have to pull out the bold statements to get people’s attention. If you don’t think the prophets used crude language and brutal imagery, then you haven’t read them.

It’s not that feelings don’t matter; it’s that God has revealed the proper way to deal with feelings. This whole thing with divine revelation is to help us live in a fallen world. Revelation is God’s prescription on mitigating the effects of the Fall and reclaiming some measure of our divine heritage until such time as He sees fit to end the punishment for rejecting His ways in the Garden. There are no head games here; God isn’t playing with us for His private amusement, but if He was, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Seek His favor or suffer.

I’m watching the fallout from a recent change in the world of Linux kernel development. The kernel project was the most recent in a long line of hijacks by the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). In case you didn’t know already, this is a brutal religious cult that uses Satanic methods to control human behavior. There is no particular goal other than destruction. It can’t get any more devilish than that. But if you fail to understand that it is a Satanic cult, then you cannot possibly handle the whole question according to God’s revelation.

This political nonsense in the Open Source software community will destroy everything. The primary vulnerability is that the Linux kernel development process has long been entangled with major corporate interests. And the SJWs have already hijacked whole sectors of corporate culture, particularly in the very leftist oriented Big Tech sector. So the SJWs had the political leverage to pull this off against the admittedly abusive and harsh geek culture.

The net effect is removing the very best and brightest developers from the projects in which they have invested their whole lives. This is precisely what the SJWs want. It is meant to torment and humiliate folks who don’t think like they do. As one commentator noted, the Open Source culture never gave a damn about who you were or what you imagined yourself to be; it cared only about whether the code you wrote was any good. It was about as pure a meritocracy as you could get.

Right now, Linus Torvalds — the man who created Linux in the first place — is off of kernel development. There is every reason to believe he won’t be back. This is precisely what the SJWs have been trying to do for years, particularly via the corporate angle. Major corporations have funded this thing for years, and now contribute a major portion of the code, by paying their own employees to do nothing more than develop the kernel on company time. They have been trying to hijack this project for a long time and they now rejoice that Linus is gone, because he was the final barrier to their attempts to make Linux just like Windows, a massive corporate product used to milk the maximum money from users while taking away every possible choice users might make.

I can’t predict how this will shake out. I would like to believe that those kicked out for violating those precious SJW codes of conduct will fork everything and start fresh with a system that cripples the snowflakes. As it is, this nasty crap has already hijacked several other competing Open Source operating systems, to include the likes of the legendary FreeBSD. There are other projects out there who haven’t surrendered, but they are safe only because they are small and lack significant influence and user numbers. It’s looking more and more like the only safe haven of sanity is to stick with what are considered “hobby operating systems.”

That is, unless the victims of this inquisition figure out the political tactics required to defeat the SJWs. Several commentators are recommending just that. The difficulty for such a move is that most people are unwilling to seize the will to power. They are utterly lacking a proper understanding of human nature, how God revealed that we are wired for Eastern feudalism. I can see the rumblings among the victims of turning back to the very flawed Western style of feudalism. This could work in the short term. Given the ephemeral nature of computer technology as a whole, this is probably sufficient for the current generation. It is highly likely that future generations will see fewer human coders in the first place, replaced by AI writing most of the code.

My point is that you should be wary of how this nasty Satanic cult works. The above is just a sample of how it works. Be aware of it; be ready to testify when the Lord opens the door. Call it what it is.

One final point: I want you to get over your reluctance to see people killed for this stuff. Rid yourselves of the idolatrous notion that life is sacred, life is precious. Death is just a circumstance. Should our society wish to save itself on a level it can understand, it will have to kill a bunch of these idiots who have devoted their lives to Satan. This is the remedy every law covenant demands; it’s the only way to get as close to social stability (a measure of shalom) as they are likely to get. This is what God has demanded. Some of us will, in the natural course of things, be called upon to pull the trigger. God is the one who decides whether your convictions allow it, but I want you to understand that God does work this way.

Jesus cracked a whip.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to The Cult of SJW 01

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    The left has gotten insane drunk with social power, and a nightmare world is sure to follow if this continues. It’s like the alien from The Thing: it replicates the exact form of a human (after killing him) but really is just a virus.


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