The Cult of SJWs 02

I’m taking the liberty of linking this article again because I want you to at least scan the outline of how SJWs operate, and maybe see the advice on how to survive the attack. This is how some would handle SJWs in settings where you are not in control of how things were structured; you are merely a participant.

I have faced this. It took place while I was working a temporary job; a woman (another temporary worker) flirted with me and I politely blew her off. She went to management and lied that I had sexually harassed her. I wasn’t aware of it at the time. I was simply trying my best to do the job. However, I had one advantage: I was doing the job well enough that management wanted to hire me permanently, while she was already tagged as somewhat of a troublemaker.

There was a point where she was assigned to work at the same machine as I, while I was still unaware that she had made false claims against me. In my typical clowning persona, I managed to say something she could blow out of proportion. I suggested they were making me do something difficult with the machine because I was physically large enough to handle it, and smaller guys had failed consistently. She ran to the supervisor and reported that I had just claimed to have the largest male sex organs in the place.

She was fired. A short time later, one of the permanent guys told me about her earlier complaints. My retort was, “Maybe she’s angry because I didn’t come on to her. I thought she was repulsive.” Then one of the floor managers nearby mentioned the lie that got her fired. Clowning as before, I reacted with exaggerated shock, and joked about having the smallest penis in the whole place. They all laughed and I went back to work.

While I can tell you that God covered me, that was some 25 years ago; I’m not sure it would work out like that now. Also, I wasn’t nearly so savvy about such things then as I am these days. I’ve been through several different kinds of institutional attacks precisely for being faithful to Christ. The advice offered at the link above is quite secular in approach. It will work every time, but it will also likely compromise your witness. Sometimes sticking around is not what God has in mind. If He chooses not to protect you as He did me in little story above, be ready to seize the opportunity to move at His command.

That’s where I am now. I was run out of church, though not by SJWs. In the early years on this blog, I was, however, beset with several attacks that used SJW tactics. Keep in mind that there are other kinds of attack, such as the Delphi Method, for example. The Delphi Method is a form of coordinated group takeover, and requires a different response. Defeating SJWs on this blog is actually pretty simple, and it’s the same way any of you can prevent trouble when you are trying to build any ministry to which God has called you. The core principle is making it impossible for the SJWs to get any traction.

Here it is again: feudal covenant nation. First and foremost is the resolve to never ever pretend to be fair and unbiased. You need to understand that it is a moral truth that we are all in the same desperate need of redemption, but the way the Father proceeds with that redemption is unique to each individual. We are each given a unique calling and gifts that fit us for the mission. You must discover who He made you to be, and take command of the domain He places in your hands. Your position within that domain is feudal master; this is what God expects of us. This is how we are wired and it’s how all Creation is wired.

You must guard what He has committed to you in that domain. He will show you how that works for you, but in general, it means you will always act with a certain personal bias. It is necessary, just and holy that you do so. People who voluntarily place themselves in your domain granted from God are accepting your biases; they accept that they must seek your favor. The details are completely up to you, but if you lack moral discernment, it will tend to blow up in your face until you get it right. Whatever happens, your duty to God is to protect the mission. That means excluding anyone you believe doesn’t fit.

I’ve done that just a few times on this blog. Disruption is not acceptable, and efforts by folks to reshape me into their image of perfection are particularly galling. I tend to tolerate some guff, and I don’t draw lines that are clearly visible. There’s nothing morally wrong with making a decision when the Spirit moves; it is typically inexplicable to the fools who come here thinking reason is the grounds on which I should operate. I work from my convictions and I will not treat any two people the same, because God doesn’t.

This is how our Lord designed churches to work. This is how you make it impossible for SJWs to even want to get involved in the first place. They will quickly stand out as trouble the moment they betray their idolatry.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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