Biblical Morals: Constitution and Treason

This is a response to an off-line query.

In order to understand questions of what is or is not treasonous, you have to take the whole context of the US Constitution. It’s a very well written attempt to promote a vision of civic life that is frankly a shitty design, because it simply cannot work, but it is what we have as the law of our land. You have to read it in the context of the folks who wrote it and all the things they stated in other correspondence of the day, along with an awareness of how they used English in those days. Quite a few common expressions have changed, and some have taken on entirely different connotations from their day. If you ignore that, you cannot claim to understand the US Constitution.

Taking all of that into account, every globalist is treasonous. Their intent is to destroy the US government and merge it into a global government. Most lefties are globalist, too, so they are traitors. Literally, they are supporting the cause of enemies of the US Constitution. They are seeking to destroy the vision of our founding fathers. Everyone promoting anything that smells like “social justice” is a traitor for the same reason.

But we could say the same about every Zionist, everyone who promotes the modern State of Israel, because that inherently means subjecting the US government to Zionist control. There is no way to ally with Israel on any other terms, because that’s what Israel seeks to do all over the world. Their own documents state that they intend to enslave all mankind to their deeply twisted and perverted image ripped from the Old Testament. Jesus said they didn’t understand the Scriptures and that hasn’t changed. Modern Judaism is Pharisaism, and Zionism is a semi-religious political ideology that lacks even the thin veneer of Bible words used in Judaism.

Every major corporation that seeks to exert influence on the government is a traitor. That is, when they use their money and influence to gain an advantage over us little people, they have perverted the course of justice. In particular, the military-industrial complex is one big fat army of traitors. The US Constitution specifically seeks to curtail such power and influence, and all the supporting documentation rails against it. There is no excuse for it.

There is a margin of error, but given the intent of the framers, anyone who openly resists the will of the President stands in jeopardy of being charged with treason. That’s not to say you can’t complain and talk bad about him, but if you step outside certain established rules for expressing your contrary agenda, you have committed treason. You should be hauled before a military tribunal and considered for execution. That’s the law of our land.

So if you are born under our US Constitution and stay here in the US, or become a citizen under the Constitution, you have a moral obligation to at least stay the hell out of the way of the President. That is, unless you are willing to declare yourself in revolt and proceed with all the Law of Land Warfare, which is itself pretty sloppy and imprecise. Don’t expect God to protect you unless you are entirely certain He has called you to such a thing. Even then, His calling may include a harsh end for His glory.

Let me prophetically warn you further that Trump is God’s appointed scourge, the man who will eventually destroy the US for her sins. That’s not his intent, but that’s how God will use Him. Be warned that you must not resist Trump’s agenda; God will destroy him with his agenda later. It’s not our concern. Our job is to work around him.

I will never countenance anyone complaining about some moral high ground and violating what I’ve described here. If you act a fool, expect your folly to fall on you. This is how the entire universe is designed. And in due time the US will be broken up, because the whole idea was untenable in the first place. But until God acts to destroy the system, you are morally obliged to default in favor of a general obedience to a fairly conservative stance on policy and law. Nobody says you have to hold conservative middle-class materialistic values, but do understand that this is essentially the nature of the US Constitution.

As I’ve said in the past: Among the current political theories most people understand, nationalism is as close to Biblical Law as you can get. Without a specific calling to do otherwise, you are obliged to cling to a nationalist outlook even after the US is destroyed.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Biblical Morals: Constitution and Treason

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Generally speaking, I’d think a general sense of nationalism is the default in order to maintain (or provide an avenue, really, for) shalom.


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