Just a Silly Story 11

Keep in mind that Q claims to be part of INSCOM, and INSCOM is part of the NSA. Thus, what the NSA can know by their snooping methods and technology, Q can know and leak. However, Q has warned that some of those leaks are intentionally disinformation to mislead the opposition. So the question is to pick through and guess which items are real and which are meant to deceive the target. Finally, a lot of Q stuff is just pompom shaking.

Today is the final floor debate over Kavanaugh. Tomorrow is the vote, probably later in the day. On the way to this moment, NSA has been studiously listening to a lot of private negotiations via the ubiquitous cellphones senators carry. They can snoop on every phone in the America with few exceptions, but they can’t focus on everyone at the same time. One or two of those targets they can focus on in the Senate may actually be under a secret warrant, Feinstein in particular.

We’ve already seen one staffer (Jackson Cosko) arrested for doxing a senator, among other charges. Some trusted interpreters of Q’s leaks agree together there should be a succession of major events during this month. We are led to believe that a select group of indictments will be unsealed against a handful of key members of the cabal. Once those figures are out of circulation, the way will be clear to grab others.

So we have this promise that this is the month when things really get rolling. I have a hunch that a big part of this Q leakage was specifically aimed at preventing the militia types from getting into action. There has been an awful lot of secret maneuvering that even Q isn’t leaking, and without the leaks and the growing online troll army, everything that mattered would be kept secret and the militia would get antsy. This way, there’s a popular level of information leaking out that is plausible, all the while flatly stating from time to time that Trump and his gang will sometimes throw out some false signals just to keep his opponents off balance.

Once or twice the Q team has had to come up with some excuses for having to walk back a bold statement about something supposed to happen. So far, it appears the explanations are working and the fan base is still growing. I’ve not seen anyone calling out Q as a fraud after having been deeply involved. There have always been shills for the opposition, but no one with any kind of pull with the crowd has defected yet.

However, I sense that there had better be some action this month from the DOJ going after some major figures, or this thing is going to break down. The anticipation is rising to a fever pitch. The successful confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh is necessary, but hardly enough meat to keep the raging lions quiet.

Finally, we cannot afford to forget that all the tricks used against Trump’s current enemies will be used in turn against those who oppose things he starts to do once he’s got a firm grip on his executive power.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Just a Silly Story 11

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Kavanaugh is in; now waiting for more stories of leftoids going completely bonkers from that. It’s a sure sign that you’ve been handed over to Satan when your sentiments and identity get so wrapped up in something you can’t control.


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