Moral Clarity on China, Russia and Trade

I wanted to clarify something political that seems to be poorly understood.

Let’s review: We have globalists who are trying another Tower of Babel operation. They operate as an idolatrous cult that takes a great deal from The Cult [PDF] in terms of how they operate. However, there is a rather recent split in the team between globalists and Zionists. They are diverging and cooperating less and less, all while maintaining their heritage in The Cult.

A critical element in globalist planning is to destroy the social fabric of the West, while still keeping the trappings of Western intellectual traditions as the base for moving forward into their dreams of a Utopian one-world government. They aren’t anti-West, just looking for a way to break the structure that hinders their domination. They hope to keep the Western assumptions about reality alive, just without the strong impulse for individual liberty.

In the current world political climate, the best way to do that is provoke a nuclear war with Russia. Given what we know of how such two countries have set up controls over their weapons of mass destruction, it is plausible to instigate a restricted nuclear exchange without total destruction. Both countries remain reluctant to fire off everything they have until it’s painfully obvious there is nothing else they can do. So limited retaliatory strikes are the standard doctrine, and all it takes is just a very small amount on both sides to bring down the systems of government. The system of government for both rests too firmly on popular perception and a general willingness to play along with the leadership.

The globalists are convinced they can step into this chaos and seize control. Keep in mind that the globalists are not just an American thing; Bilderberg is a globalist organization. The same goes for the likes of Council of Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, the UN, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc. Whatever they might have been at one time, they are all currently on board with the globalist agenda, though some are still linked to Zionism, too.

The US globalist cabal has long been pro-China for one primary reason: money. China is an independent source of investment funds, and there has been a tremendous fire sale of US secrets to China as the primary means of getting to their money. That Senator Feinstein had a Chinese spy on staff is just a small part of this game. It’s not that globalists love the Chinese; it’s the Chinese can be suckered into paying for a lot of stuff the globalists want to do.

Russia is by no means any kind of threat to us, but they are a threat to the globalists. The business of trying to sucker Russia into a limited nuclear exchange is to remove the current ruling regime there and reinstate the old globalist-communist oligarchy. Putin’s only real interest is his country and his people. He score far higher on the moral scale than most national leaders in the world today, though hardly any kind of saint. But you can be sure that virtually every propaganda smear against Russia these days is unadulterated bullshit. All of the UK’s hysteria is part of the same load of nonsense, along with Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

So it should be no surprise that Trump, in fighting the globalist cabal, would be more favorable to Russia as a reasonable ally against this evil force. And Trump is naturally hostile to China’s willingness to fund the globalists. Do you not realize that China’s bold move into the South China Sea was encouraged by the globalists? It was a part of the vast number of things the cabal is willing to sell to China. They know that it will eventually bankrupt China and could offer grounds for moving in to seize control there somewhere down the road. The apparent affinity is just the same cynical manipulation that characterizes everything globalists do.

But that same vulnerability in China’s economy can also be leverage by Trump’s trade policies. The recent revelation of Chinese factories inserting tiny chips in electronics sold to the US is one more justification for Trump’s plan to restore US manufacturing, a reversal of previous policies that favored off-shoring manufacturing. While it does guarantee a rise in consumer prices up front, it will eventually restore the roaring economy that carried us through post-WW2 prosperity. So-called “free trade” is not an unalloyed good; it weakens every nation in favor of private profit and eventual political control by business. That’s a very bad thing, in case it wasn’t obvious. It’s part of what God condemns in Scripture about the greedy, rapacious merchant cult.

Don’t be a sucker for the propaganda coming from the mainstream media.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Moral Clarity on China, Russia and Trade

  1. Jed Mask says:

    Hmmm… Good stuff elder Bro. Ed. Loved the analysis. Have shared it on… Amen.

    ~ Bro. Jed


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