Just a Silly Story 12

As I expected, the troops are growing restless. I’ve noticed how a significant portion of Q’s followers are grouching about the lack of action in arresting the criminal cabal in Washington. Some of them are bound to be shills, of course, but that cannot mask the very real discontent from being drawn in with hyperbole that isn’t reflected in real events. The problem is that the hardest dirty work must take place behind the scenes with some degree of stealth and surprise.

So Q offered a long explanation without the usual cryptic short sentences. The gist of it is that it’s pointless to arrest anyone if the FBI won’t investigate and the DOJ won’t prosecute. The globalists spent the last two decades slipping their people into positions of power, to include virtually the entire upper staff of the FBI and DOJ. Those people have to be clawed out. Complicating things is how Q inserts the occasional disinfo to throw off the opposition.

Then Q listed a bunch that have been fired, and some who are pending. Some are easier than others. Firing Rosenstein is very dicey. He’s protecting Mueller, who is wasting a lot of FBI/DOJ resources and keeping things from moving forward on the real crimes. The only safe way to get rid of Rosenstein is to declassify all those documents the Inspector General is holding for review. Those documents will indict Rosenstein and pretty much force him to resign in disgrace. Mueller won’t be far behind (unless they agree to turn around and actually help Trump). Those documents will prove beyond all doubt that the whole Russiagate thing was pure lies — Rosenstein lied knowingly and intentionally to the FISA Court and that’s against the law.

So if you are watching this soap opera, the thing to look for next is the IG releasing that fat pile of documents for declassification. Congressional leaders are already loudly calling for this. And then keep your eye on Rosenstein. Meanwhile, all of those globalists officials in the FBI and DOJ are still being sifted, and quite a few are defecting and cooperating by telling all they know about the dirty deeds of others. Those who cooperate will get a better deal from the prosecutors.

This is the problem with movement politics. You are forced to deal with a vast horde of people who have never understood the system in the first place. Educating them is part of the process of removing corruption, because corruption is what made them ignorant in the first place. It’s very hard to explain all the details to people who never had a clue, and this factor has been very badly neglected. Q and company need to mobilize those with enough charisma in writing to make it clear why this must be a slow process. There are way too many with a burn-it-all-down attitude calling for immediate use of martial law to accelerate the process. Then again, it may well require that if there aren’t enough people in the system willing to actually do their jobs.

Along these lines, there is an ongoing investigation into Feinstein’s dealing with the Chinese. Q connects this with the (now disputed) claims of secret backdoor chips inserted into a great many computer motherboards in computers sold by SuperMicro here in the US. Seems the factories in China that supposedly did this dirty deed were in the same Chinese coastal province of Guangdong that Feinstein visited. She was followed by our spies there.

Finally, if I understand it correctly, on the news of Google’s data leak, the company has been ordered a judge to preserve records of this mess. The leak ran three years, and Google hid it for months after they found out. They hid it out of fear it would be an excuse for the government to walk in and assert regulatory controls, as it was right on the tail of news about Facebook’s similar leak. I’m not sure how Google’s data leak eventually was revealed, but it’s connected to management’s decision to shut down public access to Google+, their attempt to copy Facebook.

This is the nature of information warfare. Those involved have to take it seriously, and they are often coming from a very weakened and ignorant state, just like middle class suburbanites with all their electronic distractions trying to get through Marine Boot Camp. They cannot imagine what they are up against, and therefore cannot imagine what it takes to engage in warfare. Their tech savvy is highly specialized on the wrong end of the scale. Big Tech has sought to pacify the sheep and condition them to shearing. Folks have to understand that a large corporation is a defacto government agency, and must be treated so.

This is a lesson for us, as well. There is a good chance Trump/Q will eventually transform this simple-minded hoard into a better trained army. That same army will not be demobilized; they will be kept working on other things once the worst of the globalists are out of power. This is the warm-up for a future information war to support Zionism. But for now, we are watching a genuine civil war, and the globalists simply must go, because they are an even bigger threat to our faith.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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