AI: The Wrong Truth

Recently Amazon released a report that their AI recruiting bot was sexist. They couldn’t get it to be more gender neutral in its analysis of job applicants. You can find a lot of articles about it, but I’ll tell you that most of them are highly biased and don’t grasp the real issue.

First, you have to understand that men and women are wired differently. Second, you have to understand that our civilization has a very perverted view of what it means to be male and female. Third, you have to understand that computer technology arises from Western Civilization; the existence of computers and AI is the net result of what Westerners tend to think is important.

While the definition of “sexist” is an entirely cultural phenomena, we can say with certainty that AI is sexist because computer technology is sexist. It’s entirely unlikely that the Western feminine psyche would have ever created computer technology or AI in the first place. By the same token, it’s entirely unlikely that the Western masculine psyche would have come up with computers were it not for the influence women have on men.

The reason Amazon’s AI hire bot tilted toward men is because of the fundamental nature of business and computer technology that requires a Western masculine psyche. It’s not that women can’t learn to emulate the male psyche to get things done. When they do, it makes them less feminine. For example: In my military experience, female military leaders were completely lacking in feminine charisma. In other words, it didn’t matter what those military women looked like; once they gained leadership positions, they were completely unappealing to most of the males I knew.

Even more so if they were actually successful, because the most successful female leaders are motherly. They can be quite likable, but that’s as far as it goes. Mothering works, but it’s utility is limited in both military and corporate contexts. There are situations that call for men, and it doesn’t work to put women into those roles.

But in a Western context the whole thing is twisted out of shape, and what could work, and should work, often won’t. Feminism isn’t about equality; it is a superiority movement. Were that not so, it would never have arisen in the West in the first place. Feminism proclaims the notion that women and men should be interchangeable. If that’s the case, then there’s simply no need for men at all, because Western feminists start from the idea that men are morally inferior by definition. So this demand that AI must be gender neutral is a cultural construct, not based on logic.

By logic, based on the assumptions of Western business goals, most women are unsuited for employment. The things they tend to emphasize don’t empress bots, though their resumes may work for the politicized Human Resource bureaucrats. Given that the sheer logic of AI isn’t going to be politically and socially acceptable any time soon, and the environment is currently hostile to men, someone offered a truly excellent outline of how to deal with women in a Western society:

Don’t touch women and never initiate contact with them. Don’t talk to women outside the friends and family circle except to exchange the customary civilities or to do business with them. Don’t express attraction to women. Don’t betray any emotion or vulnerabilities to women. Don’t permit yourself to be put into situations where you are alone with women. Don’t allow your mind to be distracted by a pretty face or a shapely figure. When in doubt, walk away.

This just happens to align quite well with Biblical Law. It assumes a fallen world where most women are seeking any and every advantage, conniving and always ready to trade up from one man to another who can pay for more creature comforts. Meanwhile, they are perfectly willing to cavort with men who are simply interesting, regardless of their financial status. Most Western women are not conscious of their own frame of reference, and would probably deny it when asked.

Men, never get involved with a woman who is blind to biblical truth.

This post has a Part Two: AI: More of the Wrong Truth.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to AI: The Wrong Truth

  1. How about “men, do everything you can to educate the women in your life about biblical truth”.

    After all, how many women have the opportunity to be raised to understand anything BUT western feminism? Rather than damning all women to remain stuck there, why not assume that their hearts *might* just be awakened, given the opportunity?

    I understand your bitterness Brother, but it doesn’t help me or any other women reading to be painted in this way. Women who are “conniving and always ready to trade up” could also be seen in another light – seeking solid men who can offer them stable homes in which to raise a healthy family.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    That’s part 2, Sister.


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