Political Cyber Warfare

Globalist idolatry is like a really huge beast: It’s not going to die quickly.

I can’t offer a lot of concrete evidence. This is something that has been percolating all day in my soul — the golden age of the Internet is over. The thing I can tell you is that God’s wrath on the globalists is not just a matter of a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats. It’s the same idolatry that infests the whole entertainment industry, as well. Hollywood and a big chunk of New York City is going down. But this isn’t over until several major technology corporations are raked over the coals.

The problem is that it’s going to affect us. Right now, this is still a virtual parish and we rely on the Net for communications to keep our fellowship alive. But most of us use it for a lot of other things. The basic communications will probably continue without too much disruption, but it’s all the other stuff that you should be planning to do without.

That has already begun, as we’ve noted before. More recently: Facebook closed about 800 accounts a couple of days ago, and a bunch of it was just silencing folks who oppose globalism. Firefox browsers started blocking users from a few sites devoted to Q and Trump. Given the scale of things, it’s nothing big just yet, but it’s just getting started. This beast is huge and slow. It’s wounded and dying, but the system of its life is just too big to collapse all at once. So it’s thrashing around and trying to do as much damage as possible. What doesn’t collapse of itself may be denied us, anyway.

You cannot trust Big Tech. Though our parish is currently too small for them to notice, they would hate us if they spotted us. They are our enemies. This is no joke. I caution you to spend some time considering how you will keep doing what you do every day in regards to entertainment and Internet. If any part of Hollywood goes down, there’s no telling how the effect will ripple across just about everything involving gaming, movies, TV and music. The same goes for computer technology, because the two are deeply intertwined. Any service you use that is actually online is subject to disruption and closure. Anything that has to “phone home” to work may suddenly stop working without warning.

Eventually, most of those things people really use will be replaced. A lot of bloggers who were kicked off popular services have already moved to independent hosting. Wealthy folks who were booted off other social media have already begun creating competing services, but that’s a hard path. Most banking and money transfer services are also balking at serving fans of Trump, so it’s difficult for those startup services to receive the money they could make. This thing runs deep into the Internet business community.

This battle is far from over, but the final result is certain. God will crush the globalists. We’ll talk about what comes after that when it gets closer.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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3 Responses to Political Cyber Warfare

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Burn baby, burn!


  2. Jed Mask says:

    Very good stuff. Passing the word… Amen.

    ~ Bro. Jed


  3. Iain says:

    Thanks for the fb tip. Closing down your fb presence is not easy UNTIL NOW! All I have to do is post “Globalism sucks” everyday until they shut me down easy sneasy. Thanks Ed!


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