Social Media Hates You

This article is as good of a summary as we can find. Look for military tribunals in the coming months. But putting every American globalist politician in prison won’t help if we still have major sources of globalist idolatry in other areas of our national life.

Try to understand that Facebook is your enemy, and it should be destroyed. There is far more evil than good in what it does. Google should be broken up. Twitter needs to be shut down. And so it goes — the most popular social media services are the most evil in how they treat users. They all take far more than they give. But worst of all is that virtually every one of the services you can name is deeply committed to the globalist idolatry. That paints on their backs a big target for the wrath of God.

Don’t underestimate their evil. These are the same folks who would have helped Clinton provoke a limited nuclear exchange with Russia. These are the same folks who would do anything they could to destroy genuine Christian faith. They have expressed a willingness to see you and I jailed, tortured and executed. They might shrink from performing this themselves, but they are the same hypocrites who want their armed security guards while everyone else is disarmed. It’s one thing to note that your average computer geek doesn’t care for religion, but the upper management at Big Tech have been sharing plans with globalist politicians to persecute us and bring on an apocalypse.

We are well along the path of taking down the globalists in government. We can see how their end will come, but it’s not so obvious how God will deal with the globalists in Big Tech. I rather expect it will be a combination of things. I’m quite certain the non-globalists in government are about ready to begin regulating these services. Some of them will simply fail financially. All of them are ripe for violence at the hands of some patriot militia types. I still believe that violence will come, regardless of Trump’s best efforts to forestall it.

Try to understand: Historically, every time there’s a right-wing backlash against the left, it involves parts of the military and a lot of bloodshed because the left typically seizes control of every other part of the government. And lefties are all too willing to use violence of their own out of sheer hatred for the right. So it’s always been a bloodbath because that’s the only way to stop left-wing violence and oppression. That is, until now — Trump and the generals know the lessons of history and are trying to drive the globalists out of government positions. They are trying to use the mechanisms the left intended for themselves. They are quite likely to put regulatory restraints on the social media services to protect the majority who aren’t leftist.

I want you to expect a Republican landslide next month in the midterm elections. By no means would I pretend to know how specific races will turn out, but I believe God plans to ensure Trump doesn’t face a hostile Congress for the balance of this term. All the noise you hear to the contrary was the same stuff we heard before Trump was elected, and what brought him victory two years ago will happen again this time. He is God’s scourge and the Lord always gets what He wants.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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4 Responses to Social Media Hates You

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    Glad I ditched most social media outlets years ago. The only one I really have right now is a Goodreads account, but even then I feel like tossing that one out as well.


  2. Iain says:

    It will be another jaw dropping night for CNN etc. I don’t mind watching a media meltdown, in 2016 my wife and son came into the bedroom and said “Turn on the news Trumps winnning”. I usually seclude myself with a good book on election night but that time watching the elites utterly befuddled was priceless. And YouTube has some hilarious montages.


  3. Ed Hurst says:

    It’s not as if the idolatry is uniform. I’m sure there are some that are okay, but the really big ones are dangerous simply because they are so big. Power corrupts…


  4. Jay DiNitto says:

    Amazon owns Goodreads, so who knows what funny business they do with the data they mine from there.


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