Just a Silly Story 13

There is one thing I can say in favor of Q’s troll army: For the most part, they understand that the whole point is not activism, but information. This is information warfare. Most of the active participants invest their efforts in simply pulling out details to fill in the blanks on what Q offers in the “drops” — those typically taciturn and cryptic little posts on 8chan.

There is, therefore, a very large host of folks in this Q army who are not active participants, but consumers and sharers. The idea is not to change the course of things, but to give hope for relief from what many people who see as a globalist cult that has created a runaway government that ignores the people. We might debate whether the US government was ever interested in the hopes and dreams of the citizens, but I think Trump’s claim is that we can at least dial it back some to when things seemed to work a lot better than they do now.

Trump is at the helm and doing all the dirty work of wading through a system that has been made intentionally sluggish and unresponsive, and he’s making it more responsive. So the general attitude from Q is: This stuff is happening. You don’t have to do anything except share the story and vote.

That’s not to say this is such an easy task. I’ve already mentioned the recent collusion between major social media services to silence folks who reject the globalist idolatry cult and their Satanic agenda. I noted that there are few virtual sanctuaries to avoid this censorship, and I listed some of them. Even then, the problem is that these services springing up to give refuge to the non-lefties are all still rather vulnerable because, unless they have very substantial backing (money and resources), they will die. Most of them are denied advertising revenue, for example. The popular means of moving money on the Internet, and the banks themselves, are also globalist and hostile to these upstart social media services oriented toward the alt-right.

Remember CitiCorp and it’s ban on anyone doing business with guns and ammo? That’s one of the Big Four Banks in the US. They control and influence a whole lot more than they own, so that ban shut down, for example, a very large number of small local tactical training and self-defense companies, until they could get local and state banking support. And that wasn’t easy, since many state and local banks can’t afford the risk of alienating CitiCorp.

That was something that made the news. It was a terror campaign against those who support the 2nd Amendment. How many things do you suppose a leftist banking community can shut down without getting it into the leftist news media, if they want to keep it quiet?

I am convinced that the so-called Internet shutdown 2 years ago was a first attempt, in this case to prevent Trump getting elected. Back then, there was no Q and the troll army was far more thinly scattered among various right-wing activists aligned in a large number of informal fan groups following major “conservative” media figures. In other words, it was actually a rather easy target to defeat, since their main thing was grabbing articles off the Net and emailing them to each other. But it failed. The action was unsustainable simply because it was poorly targeted.

The globalists are back with a more targeted effort this time. They have gotten the cooperation of Big Social Media, with backing from the money transfer services (like PayPal), and some members of the banking community. The bankers are much more careful about not showing their hand, lest they offend too much their big right-wing customers, so their participation in this scheme is limited and secretive. So instead of jamming the whole thing, they’ve been trying to silence only Trump’s fans, while Antifa and the like are physically assaulting public figures who support Trump.

To the degree Q and friends found effective refuge on the likes of 8chan and Voat, there have been some concerted efforts to run shills into those discussion boards and obstruct the conversation. But because human shills are limited, the CIA stepped up with programming some AI bots to cover more boards all at once. They can post in multiple boards simultaneously, keeping track of countless threads of conversation and tracking individual posters they want to target. This is also why the NSA seized control of several massive mainframe supercomputers named “Snow White” — to keep the CIA globalists from using them.

Without digging into a mass of details (see this rather cryptic explanation graphic), some rather bright members of Q’s troll army were able to spot the bots. For one thing, the bots were very activist, not just info-oriented. A major trend in the bot game was pretending to be harsh activist Nazi shills. The intent was to clog up the conversation with demands the Jews be slaughtered. If nothing else, this kind of thing makes Google and other search engines likely to lower their search score so folks using those search engines would be less likely to discover any forums talking about Q stuff. Your average Internet user lacks the savvy to recognize a bot on the forums, and lacks the kind of search engine expertise to get around such manipulation.

The censorship efforts have just gotten started. All the Big Social Media services are still working toward a complete blackout for the alt-right. We should expect to see coordinated actions, taking increasingly bigger bites out of the chatter. The single biggest target is anything related to Q. My personal guess is something shocking before the end of the month, which works out to “any day now.”

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Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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