MSM Is Your Enemy

I want you to learn to ignore the stock market. It is not a reflection of the economy itself; it’s just a reflection of greedy nasty people who don’t care a whit about you and I. When the market drops, it reflects their fear that the plunder they take from us may be reduced. When the market goes up, it shows they expect to keep ripping us off.

Our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is also not a valid measure of our economic health. It is a measure of a bunch of things together that have nothing to do with our relative well being. It can help you estimate a little about how one nation is doing versus another, but takes no account of the relative living standards.

You should understand that a the vast majority of US wealth arises from blatant immorality. As such, it is utterly impossible for our relative wealth among other countries to remain high for very long. Our economic output is at war with reality. To the degree our country begins to correct some of that, so much will our economy begin to recover. Since I don’t know anybody teaching Biblical Economics in the mainstream, we don’t have much hope.

The primary area of failure will be due to debt. Only the damnedest fools don’t see that coming. The market folks will tell you what a horrible disaster it will be, but they say only because the vast majority of folks holding US government debt are the market folks. If the government defaults, they go broke. Commercial debt is similar, but different enough that the primary victims of a default will be bankers. If they ain’t happy, they believe nobody is happy — or at least nobody should be allowed to be happy. Private debt is far more complicated, but defaults there will start a chain reaction that hits bankers and market folks anyway.

But for the most part, they produce nothing we really need. They created the system that requires us to use banks and buy from big corporations in the first place. Without them, we would hardly notice much difference except that it would cost us most modern conveniences. It most certainly would not starve us, and the jobs lost would eventually be replaced with people working some other way.

If you think I would miss computers in world without bankers and big corporations, you don’t know me. I take advantage of computers and networking because they exist and everyone is using them. Before computers became available to me, I kept huge notebooks of paper scribbled on with pencils. Without those, I would simply spend more time practicing public speaking — something everyone tells me I do rather well. In other words, what God provides, I will use for His glory. I’m not afraid of a collapsed economy.

However, we are still quite some ways from that. The basic life-support activity isn’t going to end, but it will probably be minus a lot of cheap imports. Our Lord still has people serving Him and He needs them to stay alive for a while longer, so He’ll make sure things keep working well enough to support their work.

Learn how God does things; trust His revelation. Trust your heart to guide you. Most of all, do not trust the message of this world. In particular, the mainstream media is your enemy.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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