Antidote to Fear 02

If the Lord doesn’t breathe life into these words, they cannot help you.

This is the work of the Holy Spirit. All I’m doing is sharing my experience; this is my personal narrative. If God doesn’t make it real to you, then it’s not for you. Once again, the question is not knowledge as data, but knowledge as personal encounter. This teaching is just words on your screen until the Lord speaks in your heart to make them alive. It’s not a question of what’s objectively true; it’s a matter of whether the Lord speaks to you in this.

The Devil doesn’t have that power. He can’t make his lies come to life that way. But he doesn’t need that power to have his way, because we are born under his dominion. We have a fallen default to believe his lies; it’s burned into our fleshly nature. The flesh is cursed, and the intellect is part of that.

Keep in mind that the existence of a physical body is not what’s cursed. We started out in the Garden of Eden as corporeal beings before the Fall. What keeps us under the Curse now is lack of excess to the Tree of Life. Our current body has a time limit, and is bound by the limits of time and space, as our whole awareness is. Our eternal body after the Final Resurrection won’t suffer those limits. All of these statements are parables, figures of speech because it’s impossible to put the real truth of things into words. That is, the intellect cannot handle ultimate truth. It’s only good for organizing and implementing what the heart knows. The heart doesn’t use words.

As long as you trust your intellect to run the show, the Devil has you. It’s a weakness that he can exploit. It’s not that you are relentlessly evil inside; it’s that you cannot do anything right. You’ll be convinced you can, but that’s a lie. The issue isn’t specific actions, but the lack of heart-led faith in choosing those actions. You cannot please God unless you first commit wholly to Him as your feudal master. The Devil serves Him as the Punisher, God’s left hand. As long as you have no driving desire to please the Lord, you forfeit all your blessings to Satan. It won’t matter what you do; the Devil consumes all the fruit. You have nothing to offer to God, nothing He’ll accept.

So the Devil doesn’t need to make his lies live. Without a firm commitment to serve the Lord, you have no choice but to believe. And the Devil hardly handles everyone alike. The vast majority of humanity are just stumbling along in darkness thinking they understand, and believing that some basic instinct for human goodness is enough. It’s not; that’s a lie from the Devil. As long as you are not heart-led and in communion with God and His Creation, you cannot know what moral goodness is. It is truth that needs to live.

Again, it’s very hard to put into words. You need to shift your conscious sense of self into your heart. You need to live from an awareness rooted in conviction, something that God alone can write into your soul. It’s like an organic process; there is no place at which to arrive. When the fruit of your soul is ripe, the Father calls you Home to be with Him in Paradise until it’s time for Jesus to come back and redeem all Creation.

Meanwhile, Creation cries out for Him to return. Given that Creation knows it will be awhile yet, it also cries out for human hearts to hear and restore that living alliance we had in the Garden of Eden. Earth is here for us to manage on behalf of God, so it’s waiting for us to take up the reins. But we cannot until we are walking in heart-led faith. Creation isn’t fallen; we are. We need redemption so we can mitigate the Curse enough to begin serving the glory of our Creator in this life.

It would certainly be better if we discussed this face to face. The power of the gospel living in a human soul in your physical presence is much greater than a written message, but the Lord can work through written words when He wants to, which is why He preserved the Bible. I write because that’s my calling and mission. It’s not the words but the narrative of my soul, stirring something you recognize in your soul.

But the most I can do is merely awaken you to what the Lord has already written into your convictions.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to Antidote to Fear 02

  1. Iain says:

    You don’t realize the weight you have been shouldering until you drop ‘el intelecto’ and begin to ‘heart’ stuff. That is Jesus taking your yoke upon himself. His yoke is easy and bring rest to soul, just lke He says. That alone is enough to get my soul doing cartwheels, it truly is.


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