Beware the Leaven of Neocons

In the long term, the biggest threat to you and I in our virtual parish are the neocons.

The situation is complicated. First, we need to remind ourselves that liberalism versus conservatism is not the issue. Those two ends of a spectrum are entirely natural in a healthy society. In a single family household, you are likely to find a relative range of opinions across the left-right spectrum. There is no concrete definition of either position; the meaning of the labels is inherently relative.

Further, at any given point in American history, both the Democrats and Republicans have espoused policies that were rather extreme on both ends of that relative scale. The only real issue right now is which brand of oppression you will get by voting in a slate from one party or the other. The real problem is elitism, a very real secretive society ruling things.

The secrecy keeps us from knowing the detailed journey of each side, but it’s also hindered by the sheer volume of people involved and the mass of publications designed to deceive. They use an insider vocabulary and cling to their masking, and you can never be sure if something they’ve written is just for public consumption, bearing little relation to their actual plans.

What we can see right now is that the globalist team of this elitist society is currently very vulnerable. They’ve been building up a political infrastructure that is now being used against them. They have consistently overestimated their ability to herd the public and harvest the vote count they needed. The scale of vote manipulation and hacking was not big enough to win. They failed to focus on selling a plausible popular religion as a cover for their cult; Social Justice is a painful and hateful religion. Furthermore, appealing to minorities means never winning a majority.

If there is ever to be a literal Antichrist figure, he will use a religion. Mankind is inherently religious, so that even Secular Humanism meets the definition of a religion because it deifies humanity and demands a religious approach to ultimate questions of philosophical orientation. You cannot argue against theology without building another theology because it’s the questions themselves that generate a religion. A putative literal Antichrist cannot arise without using some kind of religion to seduce a sufficient plurality of mankind to wield power.

But an Antichrist religion would look more like the work of Joel Osteen, while the actual religion practiced behind the scenes would be radically different. It would have to be kept more secret than the globalists have done, because their insatiable lust for power has betrayed them. Think in terms of child sex trafficking and other forms of degrading slavery. This has come to define Hollywood, much of the music industry, and globalist political organizations. Every day more revelations leak out about this stuff. It’s not hard to analyze and see that it’s due to a very hideous form of idolatry, in which the dehumanizing sexual depravity is an act of worship.

The neoconservatives have done a far better job of hiding their cult. Things were more public during the last Bush administration, but neocons have craftily receded into the background until they can reassert their dominance. That is, they went into infiltration mode by pretending to support more popular agendas and figures like Trump.

The very birth of this political doctrine is occulted, intentionally hidden. No one who espouses the viewpoint fully admits to the label. A fundamental tenet is that popular religion should be manipulated and promoted for the common folk, while those who actually run things should actually hold no mainstream religious belief. This is where it becomes a secretive cult. Indeed, one of the generally acknowledged founders, Leo Strauss, read political philosophy through the eyes of Medieval Kabbalism. This echoes how mainstream Judaism, orthodox branches in particular, are secretly Kabbalistic. They deny it in public and among the bulk of their followers, but the rabbis are clearly Kabbalists in their scholarly writings.

This business of masking boils down to knowingly lying about almost anything they believe matters. They are imperialist and Zionist, and assert that the common folks have no business influencing government policy. At the same time, they tout Democracy as their excuse for war. They clearly understand cyber/information warfare, too. The recent wave of political censorship in social media is largely the work of necons. They will tell what to think and when to think it. If you understand the academic discussion of their philosophical approach, then you understand that they are the ultimate Progressives.

You should understand that the majority of neocons fall somewhere on the spectrum of psychopathy disorder. These are the people who never give a moment’s thought to slaughtering folks like you and me, so any number of lesser oppressions are simply expected. But this is not a uniquely American thing; it’s just that the US is currently the best base from which to exercise their demonic tyranny. In previous centuries it was Europe, for example. They’ve always been around and will remain a part of the human landscape right up through the Return of Christ.

In other words, neocons are the ultimate expression of The Cult (PDF). And you need to understand that they have a powerful influence on our president, to the point that it is likely he will eventually be listed in their ranks someday. If you were a genuine believer in assassination as a means of political change, I think sniping the major neocon actors today would do more to “save America” than going after any other targets. Not that it would accomplish much; we deny the utility of activism of any kind, because in the end, politics and every other human endeavor is a waste of time. This world is slated for destruction and God’s righteousness and glory cannot be accomplished via any political activity.

We are called to be aware of such activity from a heart-led perspective so we can understand how God herds fallen humanity to His final objectives. All human striving is vanity and chasing after the wind, He tells us. Holiness under heart-led obedience to Biblical Law means we focus on the process, not the ends of human behavior. We know what brings stability in this fallen world, and that’s what we seek, regardless of what people believe they have to accomplish. The mercy of God is in keeping things stable (shalom) regardless of the goals.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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2 Responses to Beware the Leaven of Neocons

  1. Jay DiNitto says:

    “even Secular Humanism meets the definition of a religion because it deifies humanity and demands a religious approach to ultimate questions of philosophical orientation.”

    Take God away and you have to fill it with another god somehow. That’s the consistent pattern.

    I’ve read lots of clamor to regulate/de-monopolize the big tech companies. It would obviously come from Trump side with a healthy backing from neocons, since it would make them look good to the Trumper side, I think. The left has no idea how badly that will hurt their online efforts, since the right flourishes better online, and if righties keep Congress, the regulation they put in place will not be friendly to the left. At all.


  2. Mr Iain says:

    Huzzah for the last paragraph. The rest is good too but, I need to study neocons in this context. I always thought a neocon was a Roosevelt democrat turned Conservative eg, Ronald W Reagan. My old Hondy cirv is in the shop along with my device, I’m using my beloveded’s. It’s different.


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