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The Current Path of the US

This is not about left and right. A genuine right-wing policy, for example, would practically dismantle our current federal government. Even Republicans are pushing for what amounts to socialism in substance, if not in name. Republicans aim for government support … Continue reading

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The Same God as Always

Our Creator has not changed since Creation began. There is a pernicious heresy, a conscious teaching in some cases, but a passive subconscious assumption by most mainstream Christians that the Old Testament writers didn’t really know God. Or perhaps they … Continue reading

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Draper Bikeway 12

I had a couple of shots from last week still in my camera, so I’ll give you this rather random shot of the what’s left of the old Townley Dairy. Since shutting down some years ago, the old place has … Continue reading

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The New Amalek

The Lord has sworn: The Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation. (Exodus 17:16 NKJV) This is a prophetic word, burning like a fire in my bones. I’m not concerned with who believes it or even reads … Continue reading

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Praying According to How God Hears

As heart-led followers of Christ, we spend the bulk of our lives focused on training the brain to obey the heart. A critical element in this is learning to accept the Lord’s testimony of who and what we are in … Continue reading

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Tools of Divine Glory

My fitness plan isn’t about extending life, but extending self utility. We agree under our covenant to an otherworldly orientation. This life isn’t precious, but it’s subject to divine revelation for the sake of our Creator’s glory. Once His glory … Continue reading

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Moral Good is Multi-generational 03

A critical element in all of this is that were not meant to die. When God first placed us in Eden, we were supposed to be eternal. Death wasn’t a part of the original picture; it’s part of the Curse … Continue reading

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