The Clan of Radix Fidem

Bottom line: We are the Tribe of Christ.

Within that great and massive tribe, we are the Clan of Radix Fidem. If you elect to be a part of this clan, there are loyalties and expectations. First and foremost, you have to want it so bad you’ll die for it. Nobody is going to enforce your loyalty except the Holy Spirit. If you aren’t driven like you’re on fire, it will not work at all. I’ll help you define what that loyalty means, but it’s cooperative, not compulsive. The only reason I bear the title “elder” is because everyone else agrees to it. I can’t be your elder if you don’t want it.

That leaves you all the room in the world to use any or all parts of our teaching with a different name. Nobody is going to run a copyright check on you. We trust in the Lord to handle stuff like that. What makes us unique is outlined in this pamphlet and discussed in more detail in this booklet. But the core of who we are as a household of faith is the heart-led conviction that we have to do this, and we need to do it together. We are bound together by the affection brought to life by a common conviction.

But I’ll warn you now: It won’t work unless this becomes the root substance of your identity. If this does not overwhelm the rest of your affiliations and associations on this earth, it’s not going to work very well. Obviously none of us will attempt to interfere in your life where you are out there in meat-space. This is something that must come to life in you; this is all about fundamental identity in this world. We know it will take the rest of your life to work out the implications, but your heart has to demand it of you first. If this isn’t how Christ calls to you, then you don’t belong in this clan.

You can always associate freely with us here and on the forum. But for those who seek to walk in the revelation of Christ, you’ll know you have to adopt a tribal and clan identity, because that is fundamental to how reality works. It’s part of Creation itself and fundamental to understanding divine revelation. Creation itself is tribal-feudal; nothing in your life is going to work very well until you embrace this truth. If not Radix Fidem, you need to find your calling in something that resembles an Ancient Near Eastern tribal association of fellow believers. The New Testament calls that a “church.”

No other form of association will qualify for the label “church.”

Meanwhile, be aware that God is currently moving in this world in such a way that the natural human instinct for tribal identity is reasserting itself in many ways. You’ve already seen how the globalists are preying on humanity by raising up victimhood as the siren song to draw folks into fake tribe-like associations. If not racial identities, it’s some other kind of victim identity.

Granted, a genuine racial identity will work for people who aren’t following Christ. However, we see precious little effort to do it properly. Most people are confused about it, and don’t understand that a genuine racial identity comes with conscious awareness of cultural identity. To be “white” means Anglo-American culture in this country. It’s a little different in other parts of the world. For example, South African whites are Boer, a mixture of Dutch and English culture. In Europe it’s a broad mixture of localized Germanic cultural identities typically associated with the common language, further broken down by local dialects.

So the Basques are not Spanish or French, and it’s frankly a sin to try forcing them to assimilate. The same can be said of multiple Celtic groups in the British Isles, the Uighurs in China, etc. God will judge governments that attempt to wipe away the natural tribal identities like that. That includes the US and our oppression of the various native nations that were here first. My understanding is that, for the most part, that by itself is not sufficient reason for God’s wrath to fall on America, but it’s part of the picture.

But His wrath on the US is part of a much bigger move of God to bring judgment on the earth for a long train of sins. A primary manifestation of His wrath is the rise of tribalism. It’s our natural humans instinct and it’s righteous, in itself. Sure, lots of evil will be done in the name of tribal identity, but that’s not the point.

The point is that if you allow yourself to be swept up into a very human brand of tribalism, you won’t be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Your blessings will be highly restricted if you don’t do this right. Play along as necessary, and salute whatever flag a civil power raises over your head, but your genuine sense of who you are must rest in Christ, and it must come down to your clan identity as a church. Given that no existing church will accept our convictions, we offer a virtual clan identity based on those shared convictions. We do this with the expectation that eventually our Lord will form local bodies of fellow believers around our faith.

For now, this will have to do; we are the Clan of Radix Fidem.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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1 Response to The Clan of Radix Fidem

  1. forrealone says:

    Oh, yes we are! And humbly grateful for it and the blessings Father grants us through and to it!


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