Tiring of the Silly Stories

Let me clarify some things I wrote yesterday.

Q is real in the sense it is real people working as a team with Trump. It’s almost certain that at least some of them are uniformed military people. However, they are not being honest with the mass of people who follow their little messages. It’s a big PsyOp, pretty much the same as the globalists with their Antifa and SJW hoards.

I still believe this is in part an attempt to weaken any vigilante instincts out there in the American countryside. It’s going to fail. The problem is neither Trump nor his Q team have the resolve to do this right.

Before the election, I suggested that Trump would need to work behind the scenes using less-than-lawful means if he expected to accomplish anything. Let’s be honest with ourselves, folks. The globalists have been breaking the laws from day one, and have every intention of destroying the country in the first place. Don’t underplay that in your minds. They have the CIA on their side and we have already seen quite a few assassinations of key figures with the means to pull down large chunks of their machinery.

For example: Big Pharma is part of the globalist machinery. So we’ve had some researchers murdered anytime they had the means to discredit the forced vaccination agenda. We’ve had some troops murdered when they were preparing to leak information about the mishandling of nukes. Did you know we’ve had some spooks arrested on planted evidence when they were about to blow the whistle on criminal conspiracies in the government, particularly under Obama? We’ve had policemen and fireman (and other first responders) murdered in various ways when they were preparing to expose false flag disasters. Yes, all of that is true, and it’s just a small sample.

And the globalists have infiltrated most of the courts and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure they were never arrested for any of this. So Q claims they are trying to fix that problem, but they have moved way too slow — on purpose. They have played games with it, trying to substitute some goofy whistle-blowing for actually taking firm action. They keep promising to do something, but never do what they could have done. That’s because they had no real intention of doing anything, only the stuff that’s easy. That’s the big lie.

Trump and Q are no better than their opponents, and lack the fortitude to beat them.

Even if they did come into this with an honest intent to clean house and “drain the swamp,” they were compromised somewhere. They are making deals, trying to preserve something not worth having in the first place. This whole thing is going to fall apart.

Now, I am still utterly certain God intends to destroy the globalists. Since Trump and friends won’t do it, God will use someone else. I have no idea how that will play out, but at this point I honestly expect something along the lines of vigilantes, but not just a bunch of amateurs playing soldier on their back acres. There are some folks with real training and in a position to do this, and somewhere along this tortured and twisted path, they’ll get fed up and do it. I’ve met people who could and would do the field work, but were not high enough up the chain to actually manage it. I suspect the real leaders are waiting for more amateur vigilante stuff to crop up as a cover. Either way, there most certainly will be some vigilante stuff.

I can’t estimate the breaking point, but you can bet the lefty protesters are going to pick on the wrong target any day now. Once the backlash gets started, only God knows where it will go from there. Be sure of this, brothers and sisters, it must come sooner or later. There is no way this genie can be stuffed back into the bottle; the US is blowing apart. There are multiple factions within this country who are not going to back down. Civil war of some sort is too obviously guaranteed. If nothing else, it’s being provoked by the manipulation of the globalists, but they won’t be able to control it. Pray and be ready.

If you listen to your heart, you’ll know what to do and when. I can tell you what I’m doing in the context of where I live, but that may be of no use to you where you live. You need to respond to your own convictions on this.

And I’ll be only too happy to admit it if I’m wrong about this.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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