A Few More Bite-sized Pieces

I want you to stop and think about this for a moment.

We are just starting a whole new and ancient approach to religion. It’s a very long term project to build a heart-led consciousness, a parallel society. Radix Fidem is just newborn, and it will likely be quite some time before we can start seeing actual congregations forming. We should expect some persecution simply because we are different. We can expect all the more since things are in turmoil at this point in history.

If the globalists stick around for awhile, they will use violence to persecute us. Granted, right now they are focused on Trump and friends. Before that, they were busy whacking at a far wider array of opponents. They have already proven a willingness to kill critical figures, and they are starting to learn how to use information warfare on the Net.

They are very late to the game of info warfare, in part because they have always controlled the mainstream media, the entertainment business, and most sports broadcasting. They even have control over most of Big Tech, but they never felt it necessary to really dig into info warfare until now. Thus, we see the “deplatforming” of their enemies. Unfortunately for them, a vast horde of their opponents have found ways to get around their limited control of the Internet. Look for them to work on this a little harder.

Meanwhile, they are learning how to use malware and the like, but I doubt they will ever catch up. The CIA has some good tricks up their sleeve, but the NSA is far superior and not all that friendly to the CIA. The CIA has invested more effort into physical and psychological espionage, which includes infiltration of organizations, various forms of sabotage, and outright murder. The NSA really isn’t into that kind of stuff, and their allies in the US military have been very reluctant to break the laws the way the CIA does.

Over all, the globalists are a bigger threat. In the long run, they would be more likely to bring a nightmarish persecution on our heads. They are the ones who are deeply conscious of the spiritual aspects of their work, and a great many openly worship Satan. Those who don’t tend to believe they worship other things, but it’s Satan in disguise. It’s a very powerfully demonic religion, and they are very much aware of the competition — you and I. Once we start to grow in the broader awareness of the world, we will become a target for their unconscionable type of persecution.

On the other hand, if they are crushed, then all we have to worry about is imperialism and Zionists. Here’s what’s crazy: Zionism stands on religion, but it is entirely secular in nature. Because it’s secular, we won’t see the depth of demonic hatred from them that we would get from globalists. If the Zionists persecute us, it would be relatively mild. It would leave us lots of room to continue with our lives and build our religion. Globalists would consider literally crucifying us and using us for torches to light their midnight street cruising. Zionists would simply restrict some of our chatter, forcing us to keep it private.

So if we see the rise of a strong figure who leads a crusade to purge the globalists, it is almost guaranteed he/she will be a Zionist. Almost nobody else has any motivation for going after them. And you can bet the globalists would oppose such a leader, using the same ugly tactics the use now against Trump and friends. We should prefer a Zionist tyrant to a globalist apocalypse. But it has to be someone willing and able to actually crush the globalists, not negotiate with them. I cannot emphasize enough how there is no possible way to get globalists to compromise. Ask your local SJW if there are genuine terms of compromise possible; if honest, they’ll vehemently deny such a thing.

Let’s pray for a Zionist tyrant.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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