If Necessary…

Much of my counsel regarding romance aims at avoiding bad relationships in the first place. Still, I suspect a very large number of my readers are already in a relationship and it may not be as sweet a match as we would hope. Some of you are even near divorce, and you need to know how to face the difficulties.

Women and men are different, and they should be counseled differently. There is a common core of spiritual and moral advice on how to train your brain, but I seldom use the same approach with both. Frankly, men need less one-on-one, and more generalities and guidance. Even when we embrace the heart-led way, men from a Western background tend to respond better to generalized teaching, while women need something more thoroughly contextual. Granted, those are just generalizations, but if we don’t make them, we end up doing nothing useful.

So for men who find themselves in a struggle and don’t want to chat with me individually, I can hardly blame you. That’s how men are. So let me suggest something that might work for you guys: Σ Frame (“sigma frame”). No, this is not a blanket endorsement, but if you need someone who can help you develop a frame of reference for handling a challenging woman, that blog is better than most of the “red pill” stuff out there. The author maintains a close contact with Scripture and some of the basic assumptions of the Bible. It’s not about manipulating a woman so much as helping her stay close to God for herself.

The blog posts are loaded with discrete human behavior analysis that we wish wasn’t necessary. Honestly, my wife is a lot easier to deal with than most of the women I’ve encountered in this world. That’s why I married her in the first place, and it was a miracle of God that I stumbled across her. The techniques the author offers can help you help your woman be more like that. It’s good material for helping a woman who didn’t get a good foundation.

I trust that as you read that blog from a heart-led perspective, you’ll decide for yourself what fits you and what doesn’t. That’s what I hope you’ll do here on this blog.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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