Just Ranting about Stuff

I challenge you to search it out for yourself. Almost every mention in the Bible of justice and doing right boils down to protecting the members of society who are defenseless. It’s typically symbolized by the image of protecting orphans and widows.

I’m sure my regular readers have gotten this message, but the rest of the world seems hostile to it: All economic prosperity is a gift from God, and the reason He gives is so that the maximum number of people can share. It’s not communism at all; it’s tribal feudalism. The only proper system of distribution is via family ties.

Everything you read in the Old Testament points to a very specific and enclosed national identity based on the Covenant. Yes, the Law of Moses said be kind and hospitable to strangers and travelers, but the focus of actually sharing wealth was within the nation, with a priority ranking system based on degree of kinship.

The Western libertarian economic system is predatory. The old saw that a rising tide lifts all boats is a Satanic lie, because those who rise in prosperity inevitably got there by poking holes in someone else’s boat. They had to neglect their moral duty to share their wealth with the tribe; otherwise they would not have enough to buy a mansion and a fleet of cars. Get that? God demands you share with your kin. Further, you covenant kin come first, while blood kin take a close second.

Then again, there are very good reasons to cut off some kinfolk. There’s a process for it, and it has to do with first having the proper governing structure. It does not start with “every man for himself” as is the whole substance of Western moral thinking. There is a revealed moral standard and God is not mocked; if you insist on ignoring His revelation, reality will one day bite you in the ass.

Because of the tension between what God says ought to be versus where we actually are, we have to carry on in this life in a complicated dance between the two. Nobody is demanding you run outside and give away all your stuff to strangers, but if God moves you that way, it’s on your head if you don’t obey. But it’s also very unlikely, given what God has revealed already to everyone.

A system where all money is nothing more than debt is predatory by nature. There is virtually no way you can do what God requires with that mess. You are reduced to a little generosity here and there and a generally otherworldly outlook that doesn’t worry about property, nor even life itself. But you can’t enforce that with our brain-dead system of government, so we are forced to live in a society that is inherently predatory.

It should make you angry, sad and maybe even depressed when you dwell on it. But that cannot kill the joy of living in a world where the Lord eventually brings the evil to an end. He is God and He is not inactive, just more patient than we are. In case you haven’t noticed, He’s slowly destroying the system right now. It’s going to be painful to everyone who is deeply vested in this system.

And you’d be a freaking idiot to not realize that we have been at war internally in the US for quite some time. Something less than half the population of the US is determined to destroy it for everyone. It doesn’t matter what rhetoric they use; their intention is to kill you or enslave you to their idolatrous dreams. And the honest truth is that if someone doesn’t kill them first, they will proceed with those plans. Part of God’s wrath is to let them go way out on a limb before cutting them off, so this misery will continue for a while yet.

It works a lot better if you stop imagining that the Constitution and Bill of Rights will protect you. Only God protects you, and those documents do not reflect His will. Don’t be surprised as stuff breaks down around you. Trust in the Lord and the heart-led wisdom only He can give.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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