The Same God as Always

Our Creator has not changed since Creation began.

There is a pernicious heresy, a conscious teaching in some cases, but a passive subconscious assumption by most mainstream Christians that the Old Testament writers didn’t really know God. Or perhaps they did, but that God has somehow changed because His Son Jesus made Him more civilized. Either way, most Western Christians believe that the God of the Old Testament is not the God of the New Testament.

This is what happens when you pass Scripture under the mangling influence of Western epistemology. Here in America, just about everyone professing Christ sees Him as some brand of Germanic deity. If you can manage to step outside Western Civilization and see things from a less biased plane, you realize just what the attributes of Western thinking are, and can compare or contrast them with other civilizations.

The God who destroyed Egypt is still the Father of Jesus Christ. The God who ordered Israel to destroy the pagan temples in Canaan Land and slaughter or drive out the morally depraved inhabitants is the same God who took His Son to the Cross. The Christ who rose again the third day does not teach anything different than what God revealed up to the moment He was conceived by Mary. Christ clarified that revelation, but the divine moral character of His Father remains unchanged.

Jehovah still judges sin and still pours out wrath on the earth. Most people pay no attention, so they attribute human suffering to all kinds of other causes.

Worse, most of Western Christianity doesn’t really believe in the Fall. Never mind the doctrines in their heads, in their hearts they don’t really believe Jesus died for our sins. Somehow this world can be perfected if we just get the right brand of laws and a proper government. At no time in human history has this worked, nor will it. Everyone ignores the Word from Heaven on what we can do from our fallen state.

What we can do is just barely tolerable under Biblical Law. Everything else mankind has tried has been consistently worse. God isn’t going to listen when you complain that the political situation requires bloodshed. Most especially is it pointless when nobody is doing things His way.

The situation here in the US cannot be reversed. It’s way past that point. There will be bloodshed because too many people have demanded their own way at the cost of damnation falling on their heads. God is coming to visit America, and He is not happy. Welcome Him with open arms. Call on Him to start with you. It’s one thing to note how sad it is so many have chosen His wrath, knowingly or not, but don’t you dare refuse to rejoice when His glory shines in holiness against sin. We all deserve a short miserable life, a lingering painful death and eternity in Hell. By His mercy a few of us escape that fate.

Bless the name of the Lord!

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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