The Current Path of the US

This is not about left and right. A genuine right-wing policy, for example, would practically dismantle our current federal government. Even Republicans are pushing for what amounts to socialism in substance, if not in name. Republicans aim for government support for any business that will lobby them, and support always comes with control one way or another. That’s the definition of socialism. This is about who will reap the plunder of squeezing the citizens.

The “left” and “right” in our current political context is just a front to whip up the crowds. It never ceases to amaze me just how deeply the troops on the ground truly believe the crap they are sold. There is a wealth of mythology on both sides that really has nothing to do with actual government policy.

Right now the people behind the “left” have developed a very powerful organizing tool: the religion of globalism. It comes with a very wicked brand of supremacy.

[S]ome folks at Rutgers … [w]ent down to Mississippi for the civil rights movement and what I noticed is they came back full of themselves. And I said, well, maybe it isn’t that they like the negro so much; maybe they like themselves more. This is about themselves and feeling superior to the rest of us. And anyway, this was something that I could see as an outsider that these people were simply doing these things to feel better about themselves, vis a vis, their fellow man.

In other words, they are no less racist than anyone else, but this kind of activism justifies a sense of moral superiority.

They are a nasty bunch. They see no reason to be anything else. And they learned this. This is not something that can be turned off by some leader’s decision. This is not about Bernie Sanders or, you know, Nancy Pelosi or anybody of the sort. This is something that two generations at least have learned in college. They don’t question it. And so more and more people who would otherwise not think quite like that, somebody, say, like Hillary Clinton, who is just essentially an oligarch, or just as we saw yesterday, Sherrod Brown, Senator from Ohio, saying that unless the lady from Atlanta wins that election, why the election is illegitimate. Oh? Where did he get that? Well, very simple, he got that from the fact that his constituency likes that. And so he’s going to give them what they want. It’s not a matter of a decision anymore. This is out of the hands – this is the point I’m trying to make – this is out of the hands of individuals. This is a movement which has its own dynamic.

It has its own dynamic because its an idolatry that appeals to the Boastful Pride of Life mentioned in Scripture. This is a counterfeit from Satan, the total opposite of a heart-led humility. And it’s quite predatory; their opposition have lost their momentum in their fake Westernized brand of Christianity. Right now there is precious little genuine resistance to the globalists working through their proxies.

But here’s what I find rather entertaining: The whole matrix of lies stands on an unprecedented level of wealth. It was wealth that came from stealing from the future, and the system that enabled it is now very unstable. There will be a crash, and it will be severe, but it won’t be that easy to see behind a very heavy wall of propaganda. You see, the people maintaining this facade know it’s a facade and that the foundations are crumbling. It’s in their economic interest to disguise the collapse, and they have some pretty good tools for that.

So the essentials of life will remain available, and basic economic activity will continue. Otherwise there would be riots or worse, and that threatens the oligarchs. The system doesn’t stand on naked force, but deception. The collapse is being engineered to hit the middle class by reducing them to lower class status. In other words, everyone with a moderate store of wealth will lose it. Moderate investments and stuff with a lien will likely be lost. Those with a great store of wealth can participate in the protections as fellow oligarchs.

So the only viable plan is to prepare for a lower class lifestyle. If you are already there, it’s not likely you’ll see much change. All that repossessed property won’t be worth anything to the oligarchs unless they put it to work somehow, so it’s not that the economy will stop, but ownership of infrastructure will shift away from the middle class. At least, that’s the plan. Natural disasters and such can change things. Still, for you and I, it’s a good idea to be ready for a shift in ownership and become far more self-reliant. Learn to make do with less ownership; trust in God.

But this will also destroy the globalist religion, and they refuse to see it. They will win politically, but they calculate their program based on the previous high level of broad consumer wealth that will no longer exist. Their program will be impossible to fund without massive borrowing, and there will be nothing to borrow. They don’t believe in it such that they are willing to sacrifice; they will continue to demand the same lavish luxury as before. It won’t be there. The whole thing will crumble under their feet.

And their rabid demands that someone pay for this program will result in outright revolt. The general population will start to blame these socialist shills for their problems. I think the banking oligarchs know exactly what they are doing. The riots will hit those who keep their faces in the public eye, not the real source of trouble working quietly in the background. But the open conflict will result in the loss of federal control, and the eventual partition of the US.

This is how the US will fall, if things continue on the current path.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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