The US Is Terminal

Let’s be honest with ourselves: The US is a socialist country. We have been so for most of our country’s history. Keep in mind that Lincoln and Marx adored each other and were pen-pals. The US became socialist as soon as the idea was published.

The Civil War wasn’t about slavery itself, but slavery as an expression of relative economic freedom possible under decentralized government authority. It wasn’t tactical genius that won the war, but economic suffocation. The North was willing to slaughter civilians and destroy civilian infrastructure. Lincoln led the war primarily to cement centralized control so as to implement socialism. It’s just that we refuse to call it that, so we don’t get down to the serious business of figuring out how to do it right.

The two political parties we have today were previously regional in nature, the continuation of the Civil War. But the constituency and vested interests have mostly changed. So instead of rehashing elements of the Civil War, we are now fighting over which type of business interests will benefit from economic control. If you track which party each company donates to, you can figure out who benefits from which party policy. You don’t need to know anything else to understand our country’s politics. It’s all about the economics.

Trump is not even a real Republican. He chose that party rather recently in his career, having long previously huddled with Democrats consistently. He’s just a businessman and all his decisions are based on his business practices. It’s a mixture of opportunistic deal-making and a very robust and resilient egocentric personality. He is very intelligent. He has no genuine moral virtue, just quirks and some compromised interests. He could see that the Republicans didn’t have a strong candidate when he decided to run, so it was easy to trounce them in the primaries. The mixture of compromises this called for were a calculated choice, and subject to renegotiation. Everything is subject to renegotiation with him.

The Democrats suffer serious internal chaos. Their recent gains in the House are partly local political battles, in that personal loyalties were duking it out regardless of party affiliation. However, there is a fresh and broad appeal in how some candidates were for once honestly promoting socialism as an ideal. Socialism as an ideal has gained ephemeral gravity because Trump’s conservatism has turned out to be fake. His lack of principle and resolve has left many disappointed.

I reiterate that Q and the Q-anon army is just a big PsyOp. It gives the appearance of deeply sagacious planning that doesn’t actually exist. There is no coherent plan or strategy other than Trump doing what he does as he goes along, juggling conflicting commitments. Everything is spun with personal reverence and awe for Trump. The wild and creative imagination of participants reinterpreting snippets of news and rumor is encouraged any time it seems to generate a fresh excuse to revere the “God Emperor.” Think of Q as a talented cheerleader. This rabid group of sycophants is quite influential, but small in relative terms.

Meanwhile, most voters are fickle. They long desperately for a political juggernaut, someone to assert a strong identity and force it down their throats. That’s what a real ruler would do, and we all subconsciously hunger for it. Only a very thin slice of the population really thinks about such things, and even fewer would actually do anything to oppose one side or the other. Thus, we see that Antifa (along with Black Lives Matter) is noisy and has lots of financial backing, but it’s a tiny group. The right-wing opposition is the same.

However, the potential for a right-wing uprising being decisively violent is much larger. There is no large core of genuine armed communist revolutionaries here; only the unarmed Greens come close. But the right-wing is saddled with a very substantial residue of entropy. It will take a significant provocation to energize them into a wide spread violent backlash. That provocation is building up, but it’s not going to happen right away. It waits for a significant economic crunch to create enough tension to make folks act.

But that will happen sooner or later. Instead of someone seizing the reins to take us there, it will come as the inevitable response of armed folks who can’t take any more. These folks are an incoherent mass with vaguely similar principles. Their direction will be more instinctive than resolute. This is what will destroy the US government. There remains a possibility of someone rising to lead this revolt, but the revolt is inevitable with or without a focus. The US will fracture, in effect if not in name.

You would do well to invest the time to read this very sharp analysis from a thinking lefty named Camille Paglia. She is a very aware globalist, though suffering the same blind spots of any idolater. You need to understand that secular atheism is still a religion in effect, idolizing human reason. This, in turn, works out to be worship of self, since genuine objectivity is utterly impossible. All imaginary objectivity in reason is simply the arrogance of conceiving one’s unconscious motivations as universal. Please note her warm regard for Jordan Peterson as a fellow traveler. Don’t forget that Peterson worked hard on a UN globalist governing committee and is a globalist idolater, too. (Note: RedIce.TV is not a good source of info, but almost nobody but the alt-right conspiracy nuts are reporting much on Peterson’s work with the UN.)

We can learn much from the counselors of our enemies. These people understand deeply their commitment to resurrecting Babylon. They clearly understand the mechanics of what it takes. Their laser vision cuts through the same fog that envelopes us, as well, but their perverse moral desires embrace things the Bible says are evil. The difference is the God we serve. Socialism is the key to globalism, and the current government of the US is socialist, so it must either eventually link up in that train or be destroyed. It can suffer either a globalist destruction by hijacking, neocon imperialist hijacking to a different Babylon, or nationalist destruction by armed revolt. By no means can it be saved in any sense.

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3 Responses to The US Is Terminal

  1. That piece you linked on Peterson was pretty hilarious –

    I quote from near the end “because he’s (Peterson) never actually read most of the classics, he has only read about them, third- or even fourth-hand.” Illustrating, clearly, the writer of the piece has never read or listened to what Jordan Peterson actually has to say, other than sound-bites or read about them, third or even fourth hand. If so, he would understand Peterson’s motivation behind the work he did for the U.N.

    I also doubt the writer read more than the first chapter of “Maps of Meaning”, the book he is so concerned about for its lack of quotes from Aristotle et al. If he had, he would understand that the work of Aristotle et al simply had very little to do with what Peterson is exploring in Maps of Meaning! Anyone can check an index for references. Not many can actually get through that book, what with it requiring actual *thought* to read and all.


  2. Ed Hurst says:

    My only interest was to show Peterson supported the globalist agenda. That doesn’t make him a demon any more than Paglia is, since the problem is not the advisors of globalists, but those who actually take up the reins of power.


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