The Apostles Were Not Perfect

There are three primary reasons why this Covenant of Radix Fidem cannot rest on my work alone.

1. The distance we must travel is too great for a single generation. It’s hard to fathom just how very far we are from the kind of mentality and reflexes required to implement a heart-led faith consistent with the Bible. This is not something we can just pick up in the first generation. We have to lay the groundwork for future generations to start out thinking along these lines of surrendering the intellect to the convictions. No matter how much we accomplish, we have just begun.

2. It’s a matter of contemplation. We can’t sit down and reason this out, so all the genius in the world isn’t going to accelerate the process. It takes time and exposure in the heart-led way just to start asking the right questions. Each of us working on this now will have to wait until the Spirit can break through our hardened intellectual patterns. I’m no genius by any means, and I still feel like I’m just taking the first steps. There are long periods between small shifts in my thinking, and it all seems so very profound.

3. It requires a significant number of us. We have only a handful of people contributing to the process right now. Granted, a significant number of you are doing your best to follow along and keep up, but we really do need a whole school of people working on this. It is going to take a large body of contemplative scholarship so we can start seeing it from multiple angles. There is no way I can offer a well-rounded body of learning from my single perspective. And I can count active contributors on one hand right now. This requires a substantial council of elders studying what has to change and how it has to change.

So even if I live a hundred years, this is just scratching the surface. So please, don’t get the idea that I’ve got it covered, nor the tiny group of us working on these things. Eldership is not something for which you can have an ambition; ambition disqualifies you. But we are praying and seeking others to serve as elders who can study this business of Biblical Law and build a lore of understanding that we can pass on to those who come behind us.

So, first, pray with us. Second, settle in for the long haul. Commit yourself to the bigger vision of something that requires a lot more work than even a dozen of us might do. But that was a pretty good start for the Lord when He passed the baton to His disciples. Sadly, an awful lot of it was lost when the eldest of them died around AD 100. John prophesied that he could see coming a loss of the heart-led way, that it would be eclipsed by a culture of human wisdom. Let’s learn from their mistakes and get things back on track, with a clear vision of passing the torch to later generations.

About Ed Hurst

Disabled Veteran, prophet of God's Laws, Bible History teacher, wannabe writer, volunteer computer technician, cyclist, Social Science researcher
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